Natural Remedies to Treat Chafing


Skin irritation is a common problem for athletes and people who have fuller figures. Your clothes or even just your skin rubbing against the skin can cause this painful and annoying problem. The groin, armpits, thighs and nipples are more likely to be chafed than most other parts. If left untreated, chafing can become open wounds. Because men and women wear different clothes, they seem to have different spots of chafing. However, there are a couple of natural remedies to cure/prevent chafing. The following are some of the natural remedies and of course, a cameo of our very own Apele panties intentionally made to avoid chafing and riding up!

Apply baking soda

Baking soda is a home remedy that, besides being very economical, can be found easily in home and be your ally when removing the scratchiness of chafing.

For this you will need:

  • PH neutral soap.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.


Once you have all the ingredients, the first thing you will do is clean the wounds with pH soap, so they do not become infected. Then, apply hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on the rubbing. This will allow the chafed area to dry much earlier, and heal sooner. The most important thing is that the skin does not get further infected, so this trick is essential.

Aloe Vera

Simply applying natural Aloe Vera on the wound will heal due to its high power of deep hydration. If you have Aloe Vera at home, rub the gel of this plant directly on the chafing. If you do not have it, you can buy prepared Aloe Vera gel, but make sure it is Aloe Vera 100% original, otherwise, it will have no effect.



Chamomile is a good disinfectant and is great for soothing scrapes and wounds. To do this, you will have to prepare an infusion of chamomile and apply it in liquid on the chafing to cure it. You can introduce it in the bathtub and place over the areas affected.



Thyme is an antiseptic, which is why it is great for the elimination of chafing. You can heal the scratches by washing them with an infusion of thyme, several times a day.

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