Managing Incontinence While Sleeping



Stories of bed-wetting are presumed to end at the pre-school years, with maybe even one or two random occurrences as a teen with a unique dream about a trip to a bathroom or a pool.  Yet ,the truth is, many adults struggle with nightly incontinence. And for a variety of reasons.


In fact, according to the National Association for Continence, approximately 25 million Americans are affected by bladder control.  That is the sheer number of people that have actually reported their issues candidly.  Imagine that number may be higher as this is an oftentimes embarrassing topic rarely discussed openly when asked.  


While there are many options for managing incontinence during the day via pads, liners and even panties for slight incontinence, there is an increasing need for incontinence absorbency during the evening, particularly when one is asleep and unable to make the restroom or swap out products.


Known also as Nocturnal Enuresis, sleep incontinence can cause a host of insecurities.  Not only is there concern for changing linen constantly or the staining and odors on a bed, but also the awkward encounter of sharing the bed with a partner.  

This can also contribute to poor sleep due to a constant worry or anxiety looking over.  Option do exist and we share them here to help hopefully put your mind at rest when your bladder doesn’t:

Bedtime Beverages Boycott

Skipping out on a ton of hydration, particularly caffeinated beverages can help with bladder control issues.  Caffeine is a diuretic and can contribute to removal of fluid from the body.  


Consider Protective Underwear

Adding some extra protection can help with absorbing any midnight mishaps. With options from slight incontinence absorbency to heavy flow, you are sure to capture liquids before they make their way through your outfit and onto your bedding.

Pelvic Exercises.

Also nown as Kegels, doing pelvic muscle floor exercises can strengthen muscles and assist  in stopping urine from flowing outbound. More on Kegels can be found at our recent blog: Good Pelvic Exercises.


Protective Bedding

Constantly throwing your linen in the wash can certainly be annoying and time-consuming.  Fortunately, there water-proof bedding and washable underpads that can assist with nighttime nuisances.



Invest in an Alarm

Not a clock alarm, but a bedwetting alarm that actually detects moisture via a sensor.  Once it picks up on any liquid, it vibrates, prompting you to visit the loo.


It is our hope that some of these options can provide relief for you! Be sure to check out our incontinence lines as well!

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