Is swimming or bathing bad for you during your period?

Getting your period is never a comfortable situation. Finding the perfect pair of panties (we’ve got you covered there), feminine hygiene products, and comfortable clothes-- honestly it’s all such a hassle sometimes. On top of that, there are so many misconceptions out there surrounding what activities women should avoid on their periods. One of the most common of these myths claims that swimming and taking a bath are two things a woman should stay away from while actively menstruating. News flash-- completely untrue. We’ve got the real scoop on all things water-related to your period. 

Though some folks hold fast to this ancient myth, if you’re itching for a dip while menstruating then go for it! Swimming on your period is not only totally safe for you, it poses no risk to other people. The chlorine used in swimming pools works to sterilize and prevent the spread of potential disease from bodily fluids. This is still true whether you swim in a pool or anywhere else as the risk of getting an infection is extremely low. Just remember to shower before and after you swim to help stay hygienic.


When it comes to bathing, the same things still apply. It’s important to make sure your bathtub is clean beforehand, but again the possibility of infection is minimal. In fact, taking a bath while on your period is highly recommended both for relaxation and alleviation of cramps. Baths help with circulation and reduce pain and discomfort (those cramps can be brutal!). Plus, taking a bath has a calming effect and may help soothe you into a comfortable sleep after you’re done soaking.

The idea of swimming or bathing while menstruating can be off-putting to many women when their flow is constant and heavy. Being submerged in water actually stops your period flow for a short time and will resume as soon as you get out, so no need to stress about visible blood in the water. All you need to focus on is selecting the perfect menstrual product for your soak, be it a tampon or menstrual cup. Don't have anything post-shower?  Apele panties will keep you from leaking after that first flow begins again. 

Your comfort during your period should be top priority no matter what old-fashioned ideas people have. Swim, bathe, hike, jump from a plane-- do whatever the heck you feel like doing! Your crimson wave isn't the only thing you can surf! The only thing that matters is how confident and liberated you feel while on your period.

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