Importance of Transparency


Today’s modern society has shifted into the mentality that one’s decision to maintain transparency is in everyone’s best interest.

Though being open and honest with those around you is a beneficial habit to posses, complete transparency holds the potential to break down relationships, even when unintended.


In order to have successful genuine demeanor amongst those around you, it is important to accompany transparency with grace.

When carrying out a casual conversation with a friend, most would choose to point out the piece of spinach dangling about in their friend’s tooth.

Though most may choose to kindly comment on the spinach, it would be rare for one to tell their friend how over-teased their hair is in crowd of people.  

Though this is a basic and seemingly insignificant example, it demonstrates the instinctual trait to utilize kindness in partnership with authenticity.

It was once said that, “One man’s transparency is another’s humiliation.” With intentions never being to hurt others, the right balance of transparency is important in order to prevent miscommunicated intentions.


Not only is it important to pair genuine expression with grace, it is also important to be tactful in the things you choose to tell others. Though deciding not to air your dirty laundry with every person you speak to may seem unauthentic, it is actually quite the opposite.

It shows that you are thoughtful in the words you share with others, rather than stirring the pot of hot gossip.

This does not mean you can’t share the deep truths of your life with anyone.

Picking through what to share and what not to in the midst of different relationships only increases your genuine bond with others and may even build the trust further.


Maybe controlling your approach to being genuine isn’t your issue, but rather finding the courage to be transparent with those around you is.

When deepening a relationship with another person, authenticity is built on trust. It is a fundamental key to first trust another person before sharing new parts of your life with them.

Again, this does not mean you need to get into the juicy details in order for others to trust you and vice versa, in fact it is quite the opposite. Transparency is built on trust.

Being genuine makes you vulnerable, but it also convinces the right people to stay active in your life.

Balancing trust, grace, and tact is the key to successfully practicing transparency.

Society may tell you to speak whatever your mind is saying to display authenticity or spill your secrets to everyone because it is what’s best for you.

While it may be true that being honest with those around you is a healthy habit, it is only healthy when regulated, monitored and thought through.

Authenticity is only effective and beneficial to you when utilized in partnership. Transparency is more than just truth-telling. it requires grace, tact, and trust.

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