Importance Of Circulation for Runners

As you know, running is a strenuous sport that takes a great physical toll on your body. This is why implementing a warm-up and stretching routine is heavily emphasized by doctors and sports trainers. Running requires a high level of endurance which can be built up gradually with the proper workout routine, but none of that is possible without good circulation.

Your blood cells transport oxygen to the parts of your body that need it most. When it comes to running, it’s essential for the various muscles working hard to receive as much oxygen as possible to maintain a high intensity level and prevent you from crashing.

Poor circulation fails to circulate a sufficient amount of oxygen throughout the bloodstream and significantly impacts your ability to continue during a run with subsequent recovery increasingly difficult. Thus, runners need to take heed of suggested guidelines and ensure they do their best to keep that blood pumping efficiently. 

Warm-ups and cool-downs continue to remain crucial aspects of entire running experience. Getting your heart working hard spurs on your energy levels and pushes your body to peak performance. On the other hand, cooling down safely decreases your heart activity and energy level slowly, allowing your body to reach homeostasis while promoting good circulation at the same time. So it’s super important not to skimp on either one.

At the same time, try to evaluate your running form in order to determine whether your posture may be affecting your circulation. When running, keep in mind to keep your back straight, as well as your head and chin up to prevent from slouching over as slouching reduces good blood flow and circulation. 

Compression gear can be a great way to increase your blood flow and help to maintain excellent circulation all throughout your run. The purpose of compression gear is to apply constant pressure to your muscles through the snug material and help to reduce unnecessary vibrations from muscle shock absorption. In this way, oxygen is constantly filtered to the muscles and proper form is supported.


***Note:  Sometimes blood circulation also can mean bladder movement also!  That's why we created running underwear for slight incontinence, discharge, menses and more!***

In addition, compression gear boasts such benefits as aiding in strength, reducing any possible injuries to the muscles, maintaining a high level of conditioning, and much more. There are a variety of options to choose from on the market today such as compression socks, tights, tops, and even shorts. But the end result remains the same no matter which gear you decide on, faster recovery times, decreased muscle fatigue and soreness, and improved overall performance. 

Preparing to run is just as important as beating a record time or pushing yourself to your limit. Understanding the mechanisms in your body that allow you to run and making sure you do whatever you need to keep yourself in tip top shape are essential skills every runner needs to follow. 


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