Ideas for What to Do When Feeling "Lonely" or "Left Out"

Ever heard of “FOMO”?  This idea that you have a Fear Of Missing Out or that you are perhaps feeling alone or lonely at times?  In a digital world where others can constantly make you feel as though you are just an onlooker as they “live their best life”, it can be all too easy to get lost in someone’s newsfeed and not feel like you’re accomplishing anything newsworthy in your own life, as defined by your own definition of what that looks like.


We took to our own audience and asked them if this is something they were familiar with and, if so, how they manage it.  The feedback was oh so helpful and creative.  Here, we list a few of the ideas generated and of course, welcome yours as well in the comments section!


It opens up with a unique perspective that suggests embracing what can’t change in the moment and, rather, using the time wisely:


“Embrace it.

Visit a double feature in one of those fancy theaters.

Go to a comedy show for a comedian you’ve never heard of.  

Order pizza and try to beat your best time on a video game from your childhood.  

Try to finish a whole puzzle in one sitting while eating popcorn and watching “trash tv”.

Take a $10 bill to a thrift store and find the coolest thing you never knew to look for.

Go on YouTube and take a crash course on history.

Go volunteer to walk dogs at the local shelter.

We all feel alone sometimes but often you can counteract that feeling by doing something fun and memorable. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make it feel special.

Stay off of Facebook and social media! That way you don’t know you are being left out!

Enjoy the quiet and down time.

To have a friend you have to be a friend. Get intentional about reaching out to people and making plans.

Give your time & love to people/ Takes your thoughts off of you!

Watch a rom com!

Call a friend.

Get out of the house. Be among people. Strike up a conversation with the barista, clerk, librarian, person in line in front of you. Count your blessings. Ask someone to lunch.

Feeling lonely and feeling left out are two different things to some people. That said, when feeling left out, you can create your own event, inviting everyone you can think of so no one feels excluded.


Every time you feel lonely or left out, make sure to remember that youhave unintentionally made other people feel that way, and  try to remember that most people aren’t “leaving you out” on purpose. Giving other people the benefit of the doubt is so important.  It is very possible that every single person is well-intentioned. Be the one to invite them next time!

When feeling lonely, reach out to those you hold most dear. The idea of you feeling alone is only a matter of communication. You have to admit it, and then reach out to others so they can help you realize and understand that you are not alone, in any situation.

HOWEVER, that being said, some contributors may not  suffer from depression so it's easy to suggest ideas that reflect a "suck it up and move forward” attitude.

Those who suffer from loneliness will have a different response, and will respond differently to each situation. Be sure to reach out to professionals as well when you’re feeling as though the above suggestions do not suffice.

What suggestions do you have? We welcome your ideas, woman-to-woman!

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