How your Hormones Can Affect your Dream State



When you’re riding the “crimson wave” or dodging it with birth control and other options, you can definitely experience some changes to your sleep and even your dreams during such a hormonal time.


Rumors and research alike have hinted that daily habits and hormones can play a pretty significant factor in your nighttime dreaming.  


Here we share some of the many ways your body makeup and moods can affect your dreams’ content, in hopes that you can find some consistency and that prepares you for naughty night dreams, intense experiences or fearful frights while asleep.


Typically, (and assuming you have a fairly regular 28-day cycle), reports show that during the first two weeks of your cycle (the timeframe between when you start and when ovulation begins), dreams are much more arousing during this time frame. Even erotic and sensual, as well as, inspiring and positive. 


This could be like taking  a dream vacation, experiencing completion of that goal you’ve long prepared for or having that chance encounter that rivals any romance novel.


This is, in part, chalked up to the increase in estrogen levels and brief peak in testosterone that happens right around day 14 or the onset of ovulation. With the rising hormones, you can expect your demeanor and your desires to be on the rise also.

This, in turn, creates a bit of a “randy” response more often than not. While night terrors can still take place, it is far more likely that the good stuff will filter through that dream catcher without issue.


Come the second half of your cycle, or week 3 and 4, ovulation begins and you have about two weeks up until the onset of your monthly cycle as it returns.   Enter, fear-fueled dreams and awkward encounters like the loss of teeth, the showing-up-to-a-public-place-naked incident and other irrational or extreme occurrences like falling or even fighting.

Why the fuss? Well, it is rumored that during this timeframe progesterone is partly a culprit as it can increase body temps and that can trigger the brain to do some pretty gnarly nighttime projecting.


All the same, it isn’t a 100% guarantee that this will always be the case, but more often than not, it is more likely that these dreams will take place instead of the tempting and tasteful ones early in your cycle.


Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to combat the crazy and the candid with more light-hearted dreams no matter where you’re at in your “monthly”.


Use essential oils that you find uplifting or calming prior to bed. These can be oils or even potpourri (yes, that’s still a thing!) that are known for their enjoyable essences or even scents that simply remind you of a past time you are fond of.

In addition to this, the life we crave can affect how our brains behave! Make sure to schedule in some fun and some encouraging moments throughout the day!  Even the little things can have a big impact on your nighttime noggin! Avoid things that bring you down like negative news channels, conversations with toxic people and instead get more motivational memes, comical content and more of what you genuinely enjoy in during your day!


Here’s to a happy and healthy dream life that awaits you between the sheets!

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