How to Shop for Panties Based on your Body and Booty

Hey ladies!  It’s time to talk shapes and sizes.  That’s right!  And while there is no shame for boasting any body type, there are definitely ways of dressing that can complement what you’ve got going on, whether curvy or cut.  At Apele, we take pride in designing unique cuts that are ideal for varying body types. If our main goal is to support your body in every day functions, we certainly want to ensure you have a great fit!  For that reason, we have intentionally created cuts that are tailored to different body types.  In this blog, we want to help you identify what makes a quality pair of panties and how to shop for undies based on your booty type.

Fit is key.   Many  women go up one size from their pant size when buying underwear. A good rule of thumb is to not focus so much on numbers and size as much as fit.  While Apele is true-to-size, you may have purchased other underwear that isn’t and base your size off their dimensions. Focus on how well your undies fit.  Your underwear should not be causing any indentation on your legs, hips or rear.  If they are, size up, or try a different style. For example, swap out an original cut with a high cut.   Or trade in the high cut for bikini and so on! Got questions? Message us and we can help you! For now, here are some ideas on possible body types and a fit that is most right for you!

Apple-bottom jeans. The Apple body type is characterized by an upper half that is bigger than the lower half, and often, a round tummy, small hips and a flat rear.  This might results in panty challenges like waistbands that roll down, excess fabric in the back and a saggy pouch of fabric near the rear.  To avoid this, consider choosing a higher-waisted style that boasts a wide, flat waistband in a fabric with all-over stretch that will hug your body.  Our high-cut design may be best for you!


Pretty as a Pear.  A pear body type is the opposite of the apple, with the lower half of the body being  bigger than the upper half, with fuller hips and thighs.  Pears can face issues with panties that creep forward and up, while also creating noticeable lines around the leg openings if you're thicker in that area.  To correct this, find panties that provide enough fabric to cover the rear.   Boyshorts and hipsters are great full coverage options so consider that when browsing our collections! This look also really does well for hour-glass shape figures!


Radiant rectangles. Rectangles have hips/rears that are proportionate to their waists, making underwear a lot easier to fit.  For most rectangles, the traditional bikini style is an ideal choice.  You may also find that those of you who identify as an athlete or smaller frame prefer our bikini and original cut styles.


We hope this helps as you scavenge for skivvies that are ideal for your frame! Remember, if you have questions, you are welcome to message us on Facebook or directly at and we can discuss which options may be best for you!


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