How to Realistically Take Care of Yourself after Bringing Baby Home



This may not be the first blog post you’ve read with a title like this.  You’ve been searching for clues or reminders on how to take care of yourself post-delivery.  And, naturally, there’s ton of good advice…


Its mush easier typed, memed and said than done.  After all, the ones with the clever quips of “sleep when baby sleeps” likely don’t know or recall that you won’t feel like sleeping when you’re covered in milk or formula and would rather choose a 30-minute shower over another moment smelling yourself in a half-hearted coma. (You know, sleeping with one eye open incase baby makes the slightest of noise)

So, yeah, having staff here that is due with her 4th child soon recently, we wanted to revisit this list of helpful and well-meaning suggestions and offer it up in a way that is ACTUALLY HELPFUL.


ADVICE # 1: “Sleep when baby sleeps.” Great advice, except that might not be possible, practical or preferred!

ASK:  “Would anyone be willing to swing by for a 4-hour shift so I can shower and sleep?” 


ADVICE #2:  Make sure you’re eating healthy.

ASK:  “Could someone in my community/family/circle of friends set up a MEAL TRAIN between these days?”  Simply add any restrictions or dietary needs, as well as, time for delivery.


ADVICE # 3: Let laundry pile up. Dishes pile up. This time with Baby you’ll never get back. 


ASK:  While those saying this are trying to keep you from feeling obligated to do a lot, the truth is, you may not feel you can rest with a house in disarray.  That said, ask “Could someone swing by to wash/fold laundry or even pick up clothes to do a load at their home for drop off later in the evening?”


ADVICE # 4: Any social media memes that hint towards the best way to feed  a baby.  You might want to follow the #postpartum memes or similar, but what you’ll find is typically a whole lot of passive-aggressive “I’m not judging YOUR decisions but for ME and MY Baby, we choose this…” fluff.  

Not every woman will have the birth plan of her dreams go according to plan.  And even feeding choices can be switched up last minute in either direction. You best bet?

ASK: This time ask yourself… “Do I feel any guilt or condemnation whatsoever when I read or see other people’s Instagram-filtered content?” If so, put the phone down and hold the baby closer. You know what is best, follow your gut, not the Gram.


These are just a few of the ways you can reframe and reclaim the way you heal post-delivery. We know you’ve got WAY MORE that you have heard!


What is YOUR BEST ADVICE that is actually helpful when it comes to Mom getting back to optimal health? DO SHARE, PLEASE! And remember, our Apele post-partum panties are perfect for the remaining fluids and belly softness you have after labor and delivery. Shop our collections and feel confident and dry as you tend to yourself and your new little. 


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