How to Prevent Yeast Infections

Girl, we get it!  And chances are most of us have “gotten” it. With nearly 75% of women reporting at least one yeast infection during their lifetime, and 50% twice or more, we know that you’re seeking some ways to not just treat, but better yet, prevent yeast infections. We cut straight to the chase here with some no-nonsense ways to keep your “nooks and crannies” as clean as possible. We can’t guarantee anything, but these are some tried-and-true recommendations from our staff and professionals alike!

Let your vagina breathe! At night, go commando if you can and during the rest of the day, wear breathable panties. Cotton, once wet, stays wet.  Opt for our performance-poly that is breathable yet also wicks moisture away from your sensitive areas, keeping you dry.

Opt for loose-fitting clothing around the thighs and crotch.  We know yoga pants are super tempting as they are comfortable. However, if they are too form-fitting, they may be trapping heat and moisture ear the crotch area. This can heighten the likelihood and livelihood of a yeast infection.

Ditch douche bags.   No not just toxic people in your life.  But also the device used to introduce a jet of water to the inside of a part of the body so that it can be washed. Douches can be counter-intuitive as they mess with your pH balance.  The loss of good bacteria can be a breeding ground for bad bacteria.  

Go fragrant-less.  No need to be aromatic down under. The scents and perfumes in feminine products can also mess with pH balance as well as cause irritation. Go for scentless, odor-free, fragrant-free options from bath products to hygiene products. Even keep an eye out for “odor-free” undies as they have to be dipped in a chemical to boast those traits. Not good for your privates!

Hot tub hiatus.  Pass on the spas and hot tubs for now as heat can definitely breed bacteria and conditions where yeast can grow. If you do visit the Jacuzzi, change out of your wet clothes immediately upon exiting.  Same goes for fitness attire that you’ve sweat in.

Swap out products often. When on your period, change your tampons, pads, and panty liners often. Same goes for period panties! They are meant to be changed every time you’d regularly change feminine hygiene products. That said, our panties are buy 3 for $40, a perfect solution to saving money on products without compromising pelvic health!

These are just some of the many ways you can prevent yeast infections. While they aren’t fool-proof, they certainly can be considered helpful. Got any remedies or preventative measures you swear by? Share, girlfriend!

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