How to Pay it Forward & What that Means


You’ve heard the saying since you were a child and it continues to ring true as you get older: giving is always better than receiving. Though as a child you may not have completely understood this tenet then, its meaning becomes crystal clear as an adult-- mainly because receiving good things becomes rarer and rarer. When nothing is guaranteed and life gets harder, every single blessing that comes your way can seem like a miracle. The act of ‘paying it forward’-- demonstrating your gratitude by performing a good deed-- can be the most fulfilling and rewarding thing you can do. There are many easy ways to start paying your blessing forward that you can try today if you’re feeling inspired.

Be A Source of Support
Being a good friend to someone in need makes a tremendous difference. Finding yourself in a bad situation without support or friendship can intensify feelings of loneliness, depression, and overall negativity. We’ve all been there and can definitely empathize with others experiencing the same thing, so why not offer your friendship? If you’re not one for giving great advice you still can support someone in need by just being present and available.

Do Something Nice for Someone Unsolicited
Whether it’s something as simple as treating a friend to lunch, bringing flowers for someone who had a bad day or just celebrated an achievement-- these are all kind and unexpected acts you can do for others to pay your good fortune forward. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re doing these good deeds for your own personal satisfaction and not with the expectation of receiving anything in return.


Give Back to Your Favorite Charity or Cause
What better way to be charitable than giving back to charity? Whether there’s a cause you stand strongly behind or you just want to help out a local charity, becoming involved is a wonderful way to pay it forward. Giving any amount of money to a charitable cause, no matter how small, goes a long way in supporting those in need. You can also give your time to a charitable cause by volunteering for an evening or event taking place. No matter what you choose to do, your effort and kindness are highly valued and appreciated.

Life’s ups and downs are undoubtedly unpredictable and when things appear to be going well, you may be riding a wave of gratitude. Giving back a little of that gratitude to others not only represents humanitarianism but also helps your heart and spirit flourish.

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