How to Manage Incontinence when Traveling


Heading out for the New Year?   Perhaps you have travel for work or even a vacation planned and your everyday routine for managing incontinence is made even more challenging when considering long-term travel and unknowns like restroom stops and more.  Here, we share a quick list of how to prepare for longer strides between bathroom breaks, as well as, extra items to consider to make any leaking during the long haul more manageable.


Cut back on certain beverages.  While it may be tempting to stay alert while traveling with caffeine or to calm your nerves with a cocktail, adding certain beverages to your diet can upset an already overactive bladder. Avoid caffeinated drinks like soda, teas and coffee.  Also, try to skimp on the beer or wine as they too are diuretics.


Set yourself up for convenience.  If you are traveling via plane, consider booking early to get seats closer to the lavatories for relief, or at a minimum an aisle seat so you are not hesitating to relieve yourself because of an irrational fear of disturbing other passengers in your row.  If traveling in a car, consider frequent stops and to take breaks regularly to stretch your legs and pelvic muscles.  Circulation is important for optimal health and to ensure that your body is not subject to too much pressure on your bladder.  Stay ahead of the game by relieving yourself early and often – even if you do not think or feel it’s necessary.

Eat well.  Foods can assist with keeping your body hydrated and healthy while also providing nutrients during your commuting.  Consider avoiding foods that are known to add to increased excretions, due to their makeup such as, dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice cream, fatty and greasy foods, and foods containing fructose. This includes fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears as well. You may also find your bladder and bowel movements are sensitive to spicy foods and for that reason, they are best to avoid when traveling or going long distances between rest stops.


Pack a change of clothes, especially supportive undergarments. Wearing black or darker colors can help alleviate the appearance of untimely leaks and stains. Add an extra layer of protection with Apele everyday undies which are ideal for such occurrences as they absorb initial leaks and untimely mishaps – whether urine or fecal incontinence, as well as bleeding. You can feel confident knowing you have coverage anytime you are wearing our undies. Our performance fabric layer wicks sweat and moisture AWAY your body with our ultra thin technology so you barely feel it is there and will feel dry where it counts. Our power layer mesh does not pool bacteria because it dries quickly. Your body heat evaporates what goes into the core, drying as you move.


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