How to Get Through Your Period With Your Besties

Does your group of friends share everything? Whether its details from a date, what you’re eating for lunch or this weird pimple that just popped up overnight, nothing is safe from that group text! But are your gal pals so close and spend so much time together that you even share… your cycles? It’s not out of the question! Have you ever heard of “menstrual synchrony?” It’s the alleged process that states women who live in close proximity experience their menstrual cycle at the same time! That means your roomie, your work-best-friend, or your besties who you see every day, or even anyone you spend a lot of time with regularly can synch!


Whether you believe it or not, if you and your friends find yourselves on the same cycle, here are some tips & tricks for getting through that time of the month together: 


Avoid Caffeine Altogether:


Say sayonara to caffeine-- coffee, soda, and energy drinks-- when you’re on your period! Cramps are painful enough as it is, and caffeine constricts blood vessels, which exacerbates those aches and pains to a whole new level. Ouch! Instead of taking that daily coffee run when your eyes start to feel heavy at work, grab your friend and head to a juice bar instead! Green juices are known for giving you that boost in energy you may need to get through the rest of your workday without all the icky caffeine pumping through your system.


Ease up on the exercise:


Don’t get us wrong! It is super important to keep exercising while on your period! Did you know: exercise can actually even relieve cramping when you’re on your periods! Sign me up for fewer cramps!! However, that 90-minute intense spin workout may be a little too much for your body to handle during menstruation. If you and your friends are synched, try a new yoga class together, or even make up your own workout routine for that week! Cardio is your friend and will help raise endorphins and combat any mood swings you may be feeling. So get your friend who always DJs at the party to make a killer playlist, and get moving together! 


Check in on each other:


Your friends always have a lot going on, and when you synch… it may feel like emotional-overdrive in your group text. It’s super important to have a great support system always, so be sure to check in with one another! Whether you want to skip out on socializing and dive into a warm bath or curl up on the couch with a heating pad and your besties by your side as you binge-watch Netflix together- listen to your body!


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