How to Curb Cravings 

No matter the type of lifestyle you choose to abide by, you’re bound to get cravings every now and then. This can prove tricky when you’re actively trying to lose weight or trying to prevent an acne breakout during that hectic time of the month. If you’d rather not indulge in chocolate or cake when you get that uncontrollable craving, read on for some tips to help you stay strong. 

Drink Water 

Sometimes that hunger for sweets really isn’t hunger at all. Consider if you’ve fulfilled your adequate daily water intake. The classic rule of thumb is about two liters per day or about eight glasses of water. You don’t necessarily need to be dying of thirst to be dehydrated, especially if you’re an active person. Sweat, urinary output, and even respiration all reduce the amount of water in your system at any given time. Thus, it’s important to keep track of just how much water you’re drinking each day. The signals your brain sends out to indicate thirst are usually mistaken for hunger. So next time that sudden urge presents itself,reach for a bottle or glass of water and drink up! 

Go For A Walk/Run 

Distraction, distraction, distraction... it works! Removing yourself from the temptation is usually a great method to try out. After all, if you’re not close to that cupboard full of cookies you won’t be able to reach for one, right? Take a breath of fresh air , lace up your running shoes, and step outside. Reducing any pent-up energy and getting your heart pumping refocuses your attention. Besides, all you’ll probably want afterward is a tall ice-cold glass of water. 

Incorporate More Fats and Proteins in Your Diet 

If hunger pangs are a constant issue you’re dealing with, it may be time to re-evaluate your diet. When the goal is to lose weight, it’s natural to cut out carbs, foods higher in calories, and sugars. But you need to ensure you’re getting enough sustenance through the foods you are eating. This can typically mean upping your sources of proteins and healthy fats, as these foods are more filling and keep you feeling full longer. Which means-- less cravings! 

Try A Healthier Alternative 

Okay, you’ve tried all of the above but HELLO- you’re still hungry! We definitely don’t advise you to ignore your body’s needs. But instead of opting for something sweet, try a piece of fruit or a handful of honey almonds. You’re still satisfying that craving for something sweet and salty, but you won’t be sacrificing all of your hard work and self control. Totally a win-win. 

We get it, at times you just need to indulge in those cravings a little. Once in a while is definitely okay, definitely don’t deprive yourself completely. But if you’re trying hard to stay away from any tempting sweets, these tricks are useful to keep in the back of your pocket. 

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