How to Cultivate Self Worth

Life isn’t easy. Drama, relationships, finances... sometimes it feels like so many curveballs are thrown at you. A million things can come at you at one point in time and it can be insanely difficult to stay positive. But it’s important to remember just who you are when things get hard and remind yourself of how strong you are. A little reminder of your personal value can be vital when you’re trying to get through a rough patch. Read on for some tips to help cultivate and rekindle your self worth. 

Daily Affirmations 

Convincing yourself mentally of your strength sometimes isn’t always possible. But writing can be an alternative outlet. Writing down positive affirmations daily serve as little reminders. A positive affirmation is usually an “I am —“ statement followed by a positive phrase about yourself. For example, if you want to remind yourself that you can get through a difficult breakup, your daily affirmation might be something like ,” I am capable of loving myself more than anyone else can.” A post it note placed in a location you frequent often such as your bathroom mirror, bulletin board, or daily planner- somewhere you can visually see the affirmation— is an easy way to read and digest what you’ve written. A personal journal or notebook works just as well. Implementing this habit in your daily life is a great starting point for maintaining positivity each and every day. 

Eliminate Negativity From Your Life 

While practicing a constant aura of positivity helps tremendously, continuing to surround yourself with negativity downplays these benefits. Your environment affects much more than you think, which is why keeping your space safe is necessary when developing strong self-worth. Think about whether the people in your life support your ambitions positively or hold you back from achieving happiness. Is their language encouraging and motivating or pessimistic and depressing? While not always easy, it can become a necessity to distance yourself or even cut yourself off completely from certain people and vices to continue your own growth. 

Support Others in Their Journey 

The spirit of giving is always better than receiving and you may find that spreading your positivity to others impacts your own feelings ten-fold. We all need help and support at some point in our lives and helping someone else can be the greatest way to personal satisfaction and true contentment within yourself. Give a friend going through a difficult time the same advice you would give yourself if the roles were reversed. Guide them through their own journey of 

discovering their own self worth by providing them with the same tips and tricks you yourself are practicing each day. 

You are stronger than you know and it’s easy to lose sight of that. reminding yourself a little each and every day is key to personal development. And the power of knowing your self worth far outweighs any temporary setback you currently face. 


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