How to Care for a Loved One Living with Incontinence

No matter their age, men and women all over the world have dealt with incontinence issues for a variety of reasons and causes.  From medications to surgeries to even unexplained phenomena that manifest as a new and untimely bodily response, bladder control and functions can be jeopardized and compromised.

While there are many different avenues one can consider to help remedy their incontinence concerns, there are also ways you can support a loved one that is experiencing such.  Here, we list a few ways you can be supportive of those who suffer from this rather common yet rarely or discreetly discussed topic.

Encourage your loved one to check with their health care provider.  Even if it seems slight and out-of-the-norm, sharing any bouts of urination or even fecal incontinence is important to ensure early diagnosis and treatment, or ruling out of any issues altogether.  For all new cases of bladder or bowel incontinence, get a physical examination to see if the cause is treatable. This is important because, although rare, there could be an underlying medical condition causing the problem.

Help them be prepared no matter the day or event.  Pack a small bag with supplies such as Apele everyday undies that wick away moisture and absorb initial leaks, hygiene wipes and even a change of clothes in case a mishap occurs when they are at an all-day outing.  

Revisit their diet.  Clearly, there are some foods that can help with issues of both incontinence, as well as, constipation.  Foods that are diuretics and help move bowels are best to avoid, such as, caffeine in coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate, spicy foods and prunes.  Encourage them to try herbs that have been rumored to help with incontinence and bladder management.

Extend some compassion. Losing control of bodily functions can be incredibly embarrassing and stressful so approach the situation with grace to ease your loved one’s anxiety.

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