How to be the "Woman to Watch"

Picture someone you look up to in your mind. What about them drew you in? Is it the way they handle difficult situations? Perhaps it’s the easy way they seem to interact with others or their ability to take charge in the face of chaos? We naturally gravitate towards others who succeed in the areas of life we so desperately wish to take control of and do our best to emulate their accomplishments. By the time we reach the level we had hoped to aspire to and begin to be regarded as role models ourselves, it can be incredibly daunting. You spent so much time listening to your mentors, following their advice, and gaining hard-earned success that you may think you just don’t know how to be that ‘woman to watch’. Fret not, you too can be the type of role model who sets the wave to ride. 

Be the Woman that People Want to Go To 

Staying humble and level-headed is an important trait for any role model to possess. To embody this trait, attentive listening is crucial. Though you have tons of knowledge to impart, allowing others to feel heard is a superpower all on its own. Whether it is someone you work with or someone coming to you for advice, people will generally regard you in a positive light and feel more at ease around you if you’re willing to hear what they have to say. A leader embraces the chance to work collaboratively with people from all walks of life. 

Be the Woman Who’s Secure in Her Confidence 

You didn’t get where you are today with nagging doubts. Your talent, passion, and hard work secured your position and you should be proud of that. Exude confidence and others will gravitate towards you. Confidence is exemplified in a number of ways-- showcasing your passion and skill set to do an amazing job, counseling a mentee on the best ways to succeed, even just being an active listener in a conversation. Being secure in your confidence also includes acknowledging that you don’t know it all and are willing to learn. Know who you are, continue to do what you do well, and you’ll be a prime example for those watching from the sidelines. 

Be the Woman Who Stands for What She Believes in 

What matters to you, what do you wake up and get excited to do? Simply put, what do you stand for? A woman to watch walks with her head held high, her convictions strong, and her passion blazing deep within. She’s not afraid to fight for her worth because she knows she brings value to whatever she does nor is she afraid to let a toxic client or friend go because she only has room for positivity in her life. Remain strong no matter what gets in the way and never regret doing what is best for you. This is a valuable lesson that role models live by and you should encourage others to stick up for themselves just the same. 

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