How Apele Underwear Help You While You Wait For Your Period



Here at Apele, underwear is our specialty. Our underwear are designed for the everyday woman and all of the mishaps that go along with womanhood. Women shouldn’t have to decide between style and proper protection. Instead, women should feel confident in the way they look in their underwear with added comfort and security to seal the deal. 

Comfort is a deciding factor when choosing the right underwear for women of all ages, no matter what stage of womanhood they occupy. From dealing with puberty as a young teen to transitioning into a driven and goal-oriented woman, Apele underwear is there to support you at every stage of life.

Our underwear employ the ideal standard of comfort with an ultra-soft, barely-there, breathable fabric that molds to your body type while simultaneously doubling up on protection with an enmeshed liquid-proof panty liner. Designed to absorb around 6-9 grams of liquid with impressively quick-drying, Apele underwear takes the element of surprise away from your period. 

Waiting for your period is already stressful enough as it is. If you are waiting for your first period to begin, adapting to a new hormonal contraceptive, or struggling with the uncertainty of irregular menstruation, your anxiety level may be even higher.

You may be sacrificing your daily comfort by wearing a panty liner or pad inside your underwear just in case your period decides to show up that week, not to mention the discomfort of pre-menstrual discharge. This may also delay any hopes of wearing that new pair of white jeans or your favorite form-fitting bottoms to avoid any embarrassing panty lines or the bulky outline of your safety pad.

Fret no more. Let Apele underwear support your day-to-day activities worry-free. Wether that includes an active lifestyle as a marathon runner or a busy mom juggling endless appointments and a full-time career. Sleekly designed and ultra-lightweight, you’ll breeze through your day completely safeguarded and also completely unaware of the heavy duty protection at work. 

Aside from preparing and preventing period mishaps, our underwear also functions as the perfect accompaniment to your menstrual cup, tampon, or pad while on your period. You can breathe a sigh of relief during your heaviest flow days while Apele underwear acts as a second layer of protection against any leakage or moisture build-up. The super soft built-in panty liner fits snugly against your crotch area and supports you while preventing irritation and dryness. Can you say period goals? 

The versatility of Apele underwear is unmatched in the industry today, covering any mishap imaginable faced by women. If the thought of getting your period and retaining comfort and confidence stresses you out, then you need to add Apele to your undie drawer.

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