How Apele Panties Support The 7 Hormonal Phases of Womanhood


Remember back in grade school when you so desperately wanted your boobs to blossom and your period to start so you were seemingly ahead of your peers on the maturity level?

Once you started, you likely longed for the pre-menses days and possibly found yourself at the nurse’s office in school getting OTC meds for cramps and other inconveniences. 

And just when you thought that you finally had enough periods to understand your body and get the hang of this “womanhood” thing, you were struck by the onset of PMS and other super-charged emotions that accompanied your 20s.

So, you either are currently still in your 20s and nodding you head at this in agreement or you are older and scoffing with a half-cocked smile knowing that you’d still take your 20s over the hormones you’re facing now a decade or two later.

Truth is, just when you think you’re getting it all figured out, your body is winding up for another few rounds of hormonal phases.  Naturally, some women may experience more dramatic phases than another, but one thing is certain. We can all empathize with our fellow sister and at least one of these eras of aches and inconveniences!

Here, we identify the 7 phases and how we at Apele are dedicated to supporting you through each!



Puberty is a time when the menstrual cycle is fairly irregular and untimely. Your body begins to experience menarche (first menstrual cycle) and begins the process of showing up monthly (if you’re lucky) to start a regulated and predictable cycle. This does take time however for hormones to fully build up and balance out. Because of that, spotting and unexpected bleeding can occur. Apele panties are there as your backup, like an everyday pantyliner supporting you no matter the moment your flow shows.




Ah, yes. The hormones are concentrated now and that means that cramps and other less-favorable symptoms are present like cramping and PMS. The mood swings are in full effect and hormones are raging in this “time of prime” where your body is the most mature it has been to date and also the most ready for housing a baby.

Exposure to caffeine, alcohol, drugs, etc. can have a huge influence on your hormones and may cause changes in your premenstrual symptoms. These years, ironically, are the most likely that you are to consume the above in large quantities or through experimental happenings.  Birth control is also a common addition to these years and can result in irregular cycles, spotting or no periods at all. With so much going on and fertility so abundant, now more than ever is time to monitor your pelvic health and body functions.


Whether its discharge, ovulation or even odor, Apele panties are there to keep you dry while also adding that extra layer of protection that makes it easy to observe changes.


Obviously, pregnancy is all about hormones! This has it’s own host of ups and downs and can result in all sorts of unique bodily functions. From spotting in first trimester to sneezing and accidently urinating some in your second. Followed by lochia in your third trimester and perhaps even a mucus plug. We have heard it all. And our mishap panties protect you from all also! With pressure on every part of your pelvis and internal organs, some extra layers sure do help with everything going on down below.


After pregnancy, the postpartum period (also known as the fourth trimester) begins, which lasts for about six weeks. Now, you’re likely to be experiencing post partum hemorrhaging that varies greatly between women.  Factors like physical makeup, c-section or natural birth, nursing or not, and more can all affect how your body removes this excess lining still in the uterus after delivery.

Estrogen and progesterone (the cozy nesting hormone) drop significantly after pregnancy, as the body and uterus specifically return to a non-pregnant state. During this timeframe, there is very likely to be bleeding and spotting at unpredictable times.  Once again, Apele has you covered…literally.


This phase starts at 35 no matter what, however depending on how healthy you are, you may not notice any symptoms. Likely, your body will still be on its normal cycle, your skin will be healthy and your hormones regulated if you’ve maintained or started a healthy lifestyle. Your much more intuitive to your body’s needs so you are more inclined to feel when something is out of whack and adjust accordingly.

This may begin the onset of vaginal dryness however. It isn’t uncommon for women to try lubricants, vaginal moisturizers, vaginal estrogen, a pill called ospemifene, or a vaginal tablet called prasterone to help with decreasing estrogen levels.  Apele panties assist with keeping you confident that these products and their intended side effects will not leak or soak into your clothes and also act as a means of observing changes in your typical vaginal health.



Part two of perimenopause is marked by two or more skipped periods. Just when you think you'll never get a period again, suddenly one will show up. Surprises are usually good, but not when they involve stains and leaks.  By the time you are in your 40s you expect to never again have an “accident” in the form of a period. You and Aunt flow should have an understanding after all these decades.  However, with varying visits, one flow can be light, and the next one heavy. You also may experience a lot of sweating, breast sensitivity, fluid excretion and mood swings as these are all symptoms that decrease over time but remain present and on their own program. Having Apele there to back you up is ideal!



Finally, a descent from hormonal roller coaster into a more peaceful and balanced body, right? After all of the previous years and phases, periods may be a thing of the past, however slight or even moderate incontinence can become an issue here, after years of wear and tear on your bladder and pelvic muscles. Fortunately, Apele has varying absorption and cuts to accommodate all mishaps and body types.


So, where do you fall in the above?  Have you experienced any of the hormonal experiences?  What works for you may work for a fellow sister! Share below how you got through it all!

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