How Apele Differs from Other Mask-producing Companies

Face masks by Apele

Our world has changed with COVID and we here at Apele, felt the need to create a solution which can prevent, protect and perform - using the same powerful and patented tech we use for our award-winning underwear.  

Our newly designed masks help to deter the spread of viruses and bacteria. We are based in Boston, MA, one of the last states to open. As such we take prevention seriously and believe it is our civic duty to care for our neighbor. 

Wearing a mask is one of the easiest things we can do to flatten the curve and to prevent the rapid spread of the unknown. Here are the ways we produced a mask that doesn’t just give you what you want, but also what you need for protection. 

sizes of Apele face masks

Our masks can be worn all day.

We intentionally created a mask that is lightweight and breathable. We wanted to create something that was eco-friendly, socially responsible and highly functional. Understanding that not everyone has the luxury of staying indoors or quarantined for longer periods of time, it’s only natural people will need all-day protection. 

Our nasal strip easily can conform to the bridge of your nose, with a 3D design that offers more breathing space behind the material. Lastly, our silicone collar makes for easy and quick adjustments so you have both flexibility and comfort with long-term wear. 


Our masks are washable and reusable.

Our masks are a washable, high-performance mask with anti-bacterial protection. The nano protection fabric is unique in that it inhibits and suppresses particles that land on the mask. The fabric sterilizes immediately and has a nano-silver catalyst which makes it a perfect “protective” shield. This product has been FDA approved as safe for its disinfectant properties. You are able to hand wash it in warm water and hang to dry for use up to 25 times.

TTA tech for Apele face masks

TTA tech makes Apele more reliable than fabric masks and cloth filter masks.

TTA is nano compound material which forms a high performance protective shield around our face mask. When activated, it forms a highly reactive hydroxyl radical that suppresses the growth of viruses & bacteria. The semi-conductor nanomaterials allow active functions to prevent weakening over time.

Pricing is not only affordable but discounted in bulk. 

Feel safe going out in public again with one of the most protective yet reusable masks on the market. Buy one for yourself or secure for the whole family at a special price!

$20 for one + shipping

$60 for three + FREE shipping

$72 for four + FREE shipping

Have questions? Please do feel free to message us or email us directly at  We are happy to answer your questions, send over FDA material and similar. 

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