Have you noticed your children looking at your breasts?



                Although many link the creation of the bra back to the 1900’s, women have been binding and supporting their breasts for ages. From the corset to the days-of-old where strips of fabric would be wrapped tightly around the chest and tied in the back in an effort to support the breasts, it’s no wonder that our breasts have always been the center of most cultural styles and modern attractions. They are the picture of feminine beauty. However, breasts aren’t only for pleasing the eye, they are the essential gift given to women to feed and nurture their infants. The toll childbearing can take on breasts can be not only damaging to a woman's self esteem, but can cause embarrassment in front of those closest to her. It is one thing to see a young woman in her roaring twenties, unscathed by the effects of child-bearing going without her bra, but to be a “Mom” braless is another thing. We must find a modest approach to being both comfortable in our lounging and help others to not be distracted by our breasts.


Studies and science have proven that going braless can be very beneficial for your health. The free hanging of breast tissue improves circulation, muscle strength in the chest area, and creates perkier boobs. Maybe my mother’s bra burnings could have been more than just beneficial to women's rights! We all do it. We walk through the front door of our home and either take immediate action or begin to fantasize about ripping that bra off and slipping into sweats or comfy clothes. It is not all that impossible to do as some may think. Loose-fitting tee shirts or baggy clothing can hide the freedom we are experiencing underneath. Clothes that make you feel frumpy though can have a negative effect on mood, so try to keep yourself feeling classy in your comfort. Tank tops with built in liners are also a great option to wear around the house.  There are many more options beyond grandma’s moo-moo that can be comfortable and still discreet.


Once you have found clothing that is modest and comfortable with your new found breast freedom, find a way to create openness in conversation with your children. Younger children will probably not even notice that you have tossed that bra to the side, but as they get older you may see some attentive eyes. Children are curious creatures. They absorb and take in everything and we must use this as a teaching opportunity if they notice. Kids may ask why your breasts appear the way they do. It may become a great opportunity to talk with her about the purpose of a breast and how our world can sometimes distort the authenticity of what people should look like. You see, one day, your daughter may have children of her own and you wouldn’t want her to ever be ashamed of how she was designed. Beauty is not just her body and the body she was given is a gift to be cherished and looked after. If we seldom allow the display of being comfortable in our own skin including our breasts, our boys will grow up with unrealistic expectations of their wives and our daughters will carry shame when their breasts change.  


Find the confidence in you to example the ability to go braless in front of your family and children first. As healthy conversations spark and you are able to educate and implant positive self perspective maybe reach beyond the home and wear a strappy loose fitting summer dress or a loose cardigan without a bra to the store.


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