Foods that create and control odor down below

Do you suffer from occasional yeast infections? Do you sometimes experience pain during sex? Many women aren’t aware but the foods they eat can affect their vaginal health including odor, risk of infection, and pH levels. Being aware of the foods you eat can help you achieve a healthy balance of hormones and energy while ensuring everything down there runs smoothly. Here is how some of your favorite foods might affect the smell and functioning of your vagina. 


Eating too much sugar (which unfortunately is in most of our favorite foods) reduces healthy bacteria levels and promotes the rapid growth of yeast. This leads to yeast infections as yeast proliferate throughout the vagina, thriving in its warmth and moisture. As tempting as it may be, veer toward healthier snack options lower in sugar and supportive of overall vaginal health. 


Yogurt helps to increase good bacteria and balance pH levels. Both work together to prevent infection and cleanse overall vaginal health. Greek yogurt is the most recommended but most fat-free yogurt varieties work just as well; choose what fits best in your lifestyle. 


Garlic is known for smelling incredibly strong and funky and its effect on your vaginal health nearly matches. You may notice the husky sweaty smell of your vagina more and your odor may shift slightly, though not always in a negative way. Don’t be scared to eat foods that contain garlic but maintain a healthy balance so as not to impact vaginal odor significantly. 


It’s definitely better to limit alcohol intake week by week; so if you’re noticing that your vagina emits a strong odor, your daily alcohol consumption may have something to do with it. Monitor your alcohol consumption and try to reduce how much you drink each week. 


Though technically not a food group, water is the most vital liquid you should drink. If you’re constantly dehydrated, your lack of water consumption may reduce natural lubrication and make your vagina dry. Drinking plenty of water helps to combat this, whether through consumption of pure water or foods containing water like fruits, vegetables, and soups. 

Though a myriad of outside factors affect vaginal health which in turn influences how you smell, you can find the perfect balance of food groups for optimal vaginal health and reduced odor. Keep in mind that naturally occurring bacteria and your environment impact your vagina odor significantly as well, so diet alone may not completely control odor. 

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