Do menstrual cups leak?

Menstrual cups have been all the rage the past couple of years as more women turn to economically and environmentally sustainable options for feminine hygiene products. Menstrual cups boast longevity, ease of use, affordability, and convenience; so it’s no wonder they’ve become such an appealing option for so many women. However, this popular type of feminine product doesn’t come without its own drawbacks as well. Annoying leakage can potentially occur with a menstrual cup just as with any other feminine hygiene product on the market and it’s best to be prepared. 

Why Does Leakage Occur? 

Menstrual cups are still very new to many women and thus, proper insertion and maintenance can be a bit of a learning curve. There can be many reasons behind the cause of leakage, the majority of which are minor issues that can be fixed pretty easily. 

You’re Wearing the Wrong Size 

Just like tampons, menstrual cups come in a variety of sizes and styles to adapt to different flows and preferences. There are cups smaller in both circumference and overall size that are best suited for younger women, women newer to menstrual cups, and women who have more narrow uteruses. On the other hand, cups tailored towards heavier flow tend to be larger in size in order to collect more blood. Either way, your cup should still provide the necessary level of support and comfort while on your period. So take the time to shop around and figure out which size and brand of menstrual cup suits your lifestyle best. 

It’s Not Properly Inserted 

Your menstrual cup should sit perfectly between the opening to your cervix and top of your vaginal canal. If a cup is placed properly, you should hear a popping sound to let you know it is snug and secure. A common issue many women experience is not positioning the cup high enough. To combat this, try different positions during insertion to see what’s most comfortable and effective for placement of your menstrual cup. 

Your Flow is Heavy 

Some months vary more than others and your flow may just be really heavy, especially right at the start of your period. Emptying your menstrual cup more often then becomes a necessity. It may also be worth looking at larger cups meant for heavy periods as a good option. 

Menstrual cups are a great alternative for many women but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect! That’s why you should always be covered for any mishap and Apele panties are a great back-up option for possible leakage. Our double-duty underwear comes with a built-in panty liner and is super absorbent while still maintaining comfort and lightness. Pair your menstrual cup with Apele panties and never worry again about potential accidents. 

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