Creative Ways to Get Motivated Each Morning



Wake up, sleepy head!  It’s that time, again! Morning time.  If you’re anything like the majority of the population, you are shuffling your feet and making your way from task-to-task with one eye open.  We share some fun and creative ways to get up and going each morning:


A creative cup of java.  If you’ve got a regular go-to drink that you usually get to-go, consider saving yourself the line, while still enjoying the creation itself.  Buy what you need to recreate your foamy favorite and look forward to waking up to make it yourself.  You’ll save money and time as you make your own cup of coffee or tea each AM.


A quick morning stroll made strategic.  Consider not just getting up and going, but also make a game of it.  Perhaps during your stroll you listen to that audio podcast you’ve been dying to dive into. 

Windows open and sunshine in. Did you know that light is the principal control of our day-night cycle, influencing everything from body temperature to metabolism to sleep?  By waking with the rest of nature (namely by experiencing sunlight as it presents itself), you are setting yourself “up” for an ideal awakening.

Essential oils or candles.  If you can set a diffuser to set off scents at certain times, consider essential oils that are known to invigorate and awake. Grapefruit helps relieve stress and reduces mental fatigue to increase energy. Rosemary increases blood flow to the cerebrum which can improve alertness. Peppermint contains menthol and offers a boost for both mental and physical vitality.

To do list with fave items at top.  If you have a day filled with much to do, it may be exciting to schedule everything the night before and to add your fave item at the top, if possible.  If not, add something exciting at the beginning of your day. 

Fave music.  Crank up to wake up! Turn on your favorite tunes first thing in the morning to get the body flowing and the brain going.  Throw on a playlist of your fave genre or song and listen first thing.  If you have the ability to use tech in such a way, allow your music to be your actually alarm.

Stretching. While still in bed, stretch. You know, the good stretch where you basically are longer than you have ever been, your toes curl and your body pulses in a comfortable tremor (it should never hurt).  Take the time to stretch your body and exit the bed slowly.  Sit on the edge of your bed and stretch your neck. Move your wrists and hover your feet to rotate your ankles.  Open your eyes slowly after the blood flow gets moving.

Sit outside and listen to birds.  Grab that creative cup of joe and head outside to experience nature’s natural awakening.  Spend just 5-10 minutes enjoying your beverage with birds and your scone with a squirrel. (Feeding it is optional, of course).

Dress for EGRESS.  As in exiting the house.  Set out some clothes the night prior that you look forward to wearing the next day.  Maybe you want to spruce up what you already have in your wardrobe and go for a new look.  Or, perhaps you have added a fun accessory that you know will pop! 

With so many fun options, we are hopeful one of these can get you out of bed and out the door within a decent timeframe.  Especially when practiced regularly. 

Got any regimens that work for you? We’d love to hear them! Share away!


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