Counseling is perfectly normal and healthy to try

Counseling-- when this word comes up in conversation it’s usually meant as an end-all-be-all solution to an ongoing problem, a last ditch attempt to get rid of a pressing issue once and for all. To some people, the word ‘counseling’ itself stirs up resentment, anxiety, and just general bad feelings. But despite the apprehension surrounding counseling, it has the potential to create positive breakthroughs that would have been incredibly difficult to muster without the necessary intervention. 

Contrary to popular stereotypes, counseling isn’t only for ‘crazy’ or unstable people. Therapy and professional counseling work to improve various mental, social, emotional, and behavioral problems. A trained therapist or psychologist talks with you about any problems you may be experiencing, determines the root cause of your issues, and works collaboratively with you to develop an effective treatment method. Counseling can be done on an individual basis, with another person (couples counseling being a prime example), or even in a family setting. There exist various therapy techniques that professionals utilize to best assist your case, with simple talk therapy being one of the most well-known options. 

Nowadays, with the rise of self-expression, mental health awareness, and positivity movements, counseling has become more normalized. Though counseling is geared towards recognition and subsequent action towards resolving different issues in a person's life, many people flock to counseling because they seek continued self improvement or they may just need someone to talk to. Either way, counseling can help with many situations from minor to severe. 

Counseling works to help you identify any issues you face in your life, whether it be relationship struggles, mental health or substance abuse issues, family turmoil, or an overall toxic environment. Being open about the problems you live with, acknowledging how they have affected you, and talking about them is a healthy first step to recovery. Talking about your problems with a trained expert is an effective outlet to release pent-up emotions and come to terms with how you can take action and tackle the issue step by step. A therapist can help you view your problem from alternative viewpoints, infuse positive and rational thinking, and help you brainstorm new ways to approach your problem. 

Never feel ashamed or weak for considering counseling as a viable option. Whether you desire a solution to ongoing problems or need the proper guidance to get on the right path, counseling is a worthwhile, healthy, and perfectly normal route to take.

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