Coolest Running Clubs and What They Do

Though running may be your passion, life tends to get in the way and this can often make staying motivated difficult. Maintaining a consistent running schedule whether you’re training for a marathon or just wanting to stay in shape requires some serious planning ahead.

 Joining a running club can be an awesome way to keep your goals in mind, stay on track, and make connections with fellow runners all at the same time. After all, as the saying goes: ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and simply surrounding yourself with others who share common passions, dreams, and interests is in and of itself a huge boost to motivation. Plus, there are tons of running clubs out there that offer added perks and other cool activities to make for a super fun social experience as well. Read on to find out about some of these running clubs that you’ll be jealous you haven’t joined already. 


“ The art of running for the love of Los Angeles” --this club’s motto is as fitting as it is appealing. Attracting tourists and locals alike, BlacklistLA employs a community feel to its organization and seeks to showcase the beauty of Los Angeles. Each Monday night at 10 PM sharp, runners follow a scenic route displaying urban L.A. art. The club also does two other weekly runs covering more of the city and donates its proceeds to bettering the city of Los Angeles, one run at a time. 

The Most Informal Running Club Ever 

Friendship and community take precedence to speed and athleticism in this running club, as the name so aptly declares. Runners of all levels are invited to hang out with this chill bunch, participating in weekly workouts, happy hours, and the occasional brunch. With locations in Boston, New York, and North Carolina, there’s a space at the table for everyone. 

Scriptown Running Club 

Jogging for beers?  If you happen to be in Nebraska and itching for a run and a cold one, hit up the Scriptown Running Club. Every Thursday at 6 PM, this club meets at the Scriptown Brewery Company and partakes in a run before circling back to the brewery to enjoy a discounted beer. Talk about a cooldown! 

Young Involved Philadelphia 

An organization whose goal is to represent Philadelphia’s younger generation, this running club serves as an extension of that mission, combining running and history for an educational community experience. Young runners of all levels meet monthly and run to a different historical site, learn about it, and finish off the night socializing at the bar. What’s a better way to find lifelong friends than by bonding over the beauty within Philly? 

Whichever running club you decide to join, the most important thing is the ability to connect with other members and share in the successes and even failures of the running journey together. With endless options out there in every single city in the country, you’re bound to find a club you click with and become a member for life. Give your own running club a shoutout below and share what makes yours so wonderful!


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