Connecting During COVID:  Ways to keep Interaction In Isolation

We are probably all right at that breaking point where our social media timelines are filled with so much data surrounding COVID, we are tempted to turn it all off.  It is crazy how much social media can keep COVID on the brain. Maybe, just maybe, we should revisit “social” distancing and actually put down the phones and think of some other clever ways to connect - even amid isolation. 

Here’s some of our top suggestions from our incredible Apele customers and cohorts alike. 

Pen Pals

When was the last time you used a pen or pencil to jot your loved ones a note?  Right now is the perfect time to share some news the old fashioned way. Next time you task your kids with an assignment or sit to scroll aimlessly, consider a little letter writing.  Want to really make an impact during this isolation?

Considering the sensitive nature of the virus and the many lost to it, you could always use this time to reach out and send someone something heartfelt.  Say, a long lost friend you left on bad terms with. Or maybe even a letter of forgiveness to the person who hurt you years ago. It’s time to move on. There’s no time like the present. And there’s no present like the gift of a clean slate. When all is said and done, imagine isolation bringing everyone closer together. 

Boombox Serenade

Have you seen Say Anything?  It is a 1989 American teen romantic comedy-drama film that features one of the most culturally recognizable scenes in American movie history, in which John Cusack holds a boombox above his head outside Diane's bedroom window to let her know that he has not given up on her. 

While you’re likely well out of your teens, you don’t have to sacrifice fun times and good tunes.  Grab a boombox and a ton of D batteries or opt for a more modern spin, like a bluetooth speaker and blast some melodies outside the door of your bestie or your beau. Make it fun and share songs that remind you of pre-isolation days. 

Hide and Speak

Send your closest neighbors on a scavenger hunt.  Since you likely aren’t allowed to be at the same location at the same time, plan the route, write the clues and share some surprises along the way! Have your friends or family head out later in the day or the following morning to find the clues and feel connected. 

With Easter coming up, this is the perfect time to prepare with an Easter Scavenger Hunt. Spend with Pennies has theirs up from previous years and the blogger’s ideas are sure to save funds while still making the holiday memorable. 

Drive-by Delights

This is happening a lot for birthdays, but who says you gotta be another trip around the sun to enjoy a trip around the block?  Get in your car and ride in succession with others, honking through the neighborhood or showering a specific friend’s house with your presence.

Got more ideas or even some memories of your own that you’ve created for closeness during lockdown? Do tell, do tell!   

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