With more kids being reintroduced into school with masks this quarter, many parents are wondering about the different types of masks and how to care for them. Here are answers to some of your more common mask questions.

Are cloth masks okay for all-day wear?

When considering the ideal choice of face covering for a child to wear, you will want to consider how long they will be wearing the mask (and comfort so that it actually stays on!)

You’ll definitely want to opt for a mask that has materials that will not irritate or distract your child from learning as well. Our Apele masks are breathable, washable, high-performance masks with anti-bacterial protection. They provide high-level respiratory protection that is comfortable and molds to your child’s face on first use. 

Beyond that, you’ll want to ensure that your child’s mask fits well when it comes to sizing. 

When worn properly on the face with little to no gaps around the nose, cheeks or underneath the chin.



How often should cloth masks be washed?

Ideally, reusable face masks should be washed after each use, according to the CDC guidelines. This can be done in the washing machine using hot water and laundry detergent, and you can either dry in the dryer or hang dry. Our Apele masks can be work up to 25 times between washes, provided you are keeping the protective part away from contaminants. We recommend using the bag our masks ship in as a great way to secure your masks between uses.


If you prefer to wash your face masks by hand, it is recommended you scrub them for at least 20 seconds using hot soapy water and then utilize a hot clothes dryer to dry your masks thoroughly. Again, having them up in a designated area for ease of use and keeping them from contaminated surfaces.


Where should kids put their masks after school?

When it comes to masks, they are only as effective as they are clean.  We dedicated an entire blog to how best you can Organize & Store Face Masks Between Uses. These nifty ideas are a great way to keep distance between masks while also giving everyone a quick option for grabbing their newly-washed face coverings before they head out the door. 


Should we have multiple masks for our child?

Here’s the thing.  Not only does having multiple masks make it easier for your family to grab one when needed, but also, it reduces the likelihood of getting ill since your kiddos can rotate through many.  Also, if one breaks at school or gets soiled, they can have a backup one available right away.  

We offer discounts for this very reason!  Take care of the whole fam and consider our 4-packs either per kid or per household! Buy 3 & get FREE shipping OR Use the code FAMILY4 and get the Family Pack (4 of any size) for $72 & also get FREE shipping. Just add your quantity in the cart. Discounts applied at checkout.


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