Choosing the Right Pad or Tampon During Flow

As women, we all deal with the inconvenience of getting a monthly period. This shared experience epitomizes femininity and the wonders of the female body. Yet the period experience can be vastly different from woman to woman, with some women suffering from unbearable cramps, terrible migraines, and even both. Nonetheless, you should feel protected and comfortable during that time of the month and there exist many feminine hygiene products on the market to meet your needs. It can be a doozy deciding which types of pads and tampons you may need, not to mention when you should be using each option. Here’s a friendly guide to choosing the right period products to get you through this upcoming month: 

Panty Liners 

Panty liners are an excellent option when your period is barely there, usually 1-2 days before the end of your period. They also come in handy if you happen to spot in between your cycle. An ultra thin cotton liner still absorbs very light flow and is so comfortable you may not feel like you’re wearing anything. Many women utilize panty liners in combination with a tampon in case of leakage. However, panty liners are not suitable for use on their own during the heaviest days of your period. 

Light/Thin Pads and Light Flow Tampons 

Some women naturally have a lighter period flow throughout the entirety of their cycle and find light flow/ light coverage pads and tampons ideal for continuous use. Young girls who just started menstruating may find these lighter flow options beneficial to start off with until they get to know their flow a bit better. These pads and tampons absorb less blood and need to be changed more often as a result, so if your flow is heavier these might not be a good option. 

Regular Pads and Tampons 

As advertised, these medium sized pads and tampons are meant to be used in the middle of your period when your flow is more regulated, not too heavy and not too light. With an absorption rate around 6-9 grams of blood, this classification of feminine products work well during medium flow days. 

Super Absorbency Pads and Tampons 

For your heaviest flow days, typically the first 3-5 days of your period (depending on the length of your cycle), these heavy duty pads and tampons can be life savers. The pads tend to be quite bulky and you’ll definitely be aware that you’re wearing a thick pad, but the security and absorbency outweighs the minor discomfort. Super tampons are larger in size and absorb double the amount of blood than light tampons. However, super tampons should only be used 

on the heaviest days and should be avoided during lighter days to reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome. 

Apele panties have got you covered every day of your period, whether your flow is light or heavy. Our panties employ a super thin and absorbent panty liner built in to support you as you actively take on life. So no matter what pad or tampon you’re wearing, rest assured Apele panties are the perfect back-up and companion for all your period needs. 


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