Can you have more than one BFF?



The results are in.  We asked you all to chime in on whether or not you could have more than one #BFF.  Of course, in this day and age, we can throw around that hasthag on everything from childhood friends to even our pets. We give the name “best friend forever” to multiple scenarios and subjects.  The question had to be asked. Can you have more than one best friend?


Although the word “best” would imply (technically) that there was a “first place” for a one-and-only, the polls state strongly otherwise.  The reasoning and rationale?  Here are just some of the responses we receive:


D’Raniro says, “Yes. Our heart is big enough to handle that much love.”

Cindi G. chimed in, “Of course! I have one here and one in Australia and couldn’t survive without either of them.”

Rebecca P.: “Absolutely. I have 3 and they are all so important and we all need each other.”

Carrie S. “Yes. I have a handful that I consider the best of the best... each for their own different reasons.”

Jana H. “Yes! I have one in every state I've lived in! A couple of states I have 2!”

Ruth C. “I have THREE best friends. This also does not include my sisters who are also best friends of mine.”

Angela N. “Yes! Different people can support you and be there for you in the many different ways you need. I am very blessed to call many people my best of my friends, out of my many acquaintances/ friends. No one person can be all things for you, that is God's job, lol. If you limit yourself to just one BFF then you are not opening yourself up to all that GOD has for you.”


On the other end of the spectrum, some of our readers shared that there either isn’t a BFF position in their life and for their own reasons:


Ashley A. “I don't believe in having a BFF. It’s exclusionary and can limit your personal connections to others when you are solely focused on one or 2 people. It can make people on the outside feel like they would have to compete to be your good friend so many don’t bother. They hear your best friend position is full and you are focused on your best so it puts a damper on a new connection. Not that they can’t still happen, and I don’t mind what anyone else chooses to do. Just for me I'm not picking favorites. I love all my friends and am always open to more and want to be sure I leave the path open wide for God to use me.

 And then, of course, there is the idea that BFFs come and go and change with seasons and scenarios…adding that the position doesn’t always guarantee mutually-reciprocated labels.

Emily L, “There have been different periods, stages of my life where I’ve had a different BFF get me through... sometimes I do feel awkward to say my BFF knowing I’m not their BFF...”

Stephanie M. “I personally don’t have a “best” friend.  With everyone having so many unique traits and personalities that shine in different relationship aspects, how could you determine or quantify what makes someone a better friends than another?”


So, the question remains to be an individual’s perspective and preference. What say you?  Are you onboard the multiple-BFF bandwagon or more of a one-BFF type of human?

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