Building your own Body-Conscious Confidence

We live in a time where women of all sizes are celebrated, however, still only the best of the best is featured in online posts. It’s rare that women are as candid about their private and personal struggles as they are sharing what they ate for breakfast or where they are spending their time.  It is a world of expression coupled with filtered still shots showcasing the best of the best outwardly, but rarely sharing the day-to-day dilemmas that happen privately in the …ahem…private area.  It is important to have self-confidence to interact naturally with others and to succeed in one's studies and professional life.  But, when you are struggling with a personal issue that is not only embarrassing but also taboo to talk about, you may begin to lose some of your confidence. Here are ways to be and stay confident, brave and happy, even in the midst of untimely and unsightly mishaps.

Stay rationally optimistic – When we humans think and feel in a rationally positive way, our brain performs better. For one simple reason: positive mental states generate higher levels of creativity, productivity, and performance. In other words: If you are unsure of how a future project or outcome will turn out, staying rationally positive and this may well foster the creativity and drive you need to ensure your ultimate success.

Prepare contingency plans – For each of your goals and objectives, it is best to imagine several possible paths. In this way, you know that you will get there, whatever the path and no matter the detours because all roads and obstacles will still lead you back to true north – your goal.

Understand that everything is ok – How many times have you ever considered an event "bad" and then, after thinking, with hindsight, realizing it was actually a blessing in disguise? Imagine how you would feel more serene, relaxed and confident if, in these moments of uncertainty, you knew that everything is going well, even if, at the moment, it does not seem quite obvious. You free yourself from negative thoughts and stress to concentrate and focus on what you can do. Rather than worrying, commit to excitement and WONDER! Wonder how it will end up being a good thing in the end and let it pass until it reveals itself in the future as a benefit.

Do your best– One of the best ways to stay confident, especially in the face of uncertainty, is simply to be safe knowing that you have done your best and learned to ignore or at least gracefully distance yourself from what you cannot control. To give oneself thoroughly, to give the best of oneself is not in itself a mistake. This is surely one of the best ways to succeed in life, to have a positive result. But understand that you do not control everything and that the result will not always be worthy of your investment – no matter how much time you committed. Still, you will always walk away with at least a lesson and pride in your own actions for giving it your best!

Got confidence tips that you’ve found work well with yourself?  We’d love to hear and so would the many women who face their own self-conscious issues behind the scenes daily!


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