Best Ways to Organize & Store Face Masks Between Uses




Uh-oh!  You just pulled up to the store and realized you don’t have your mask.  Do you risk asking for one at the front or turn back around?  Do you have masks all over the house on surfaces everywhere - defeating the idea altogether of sanitation and protection? It happens to the best of us.  

Face masks are now a regular part of a typical day. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of households have a growing collection of reusable face masks piling up and hiding out in random locations. You may notice that your home’s hoarding of masks isn’t very efficient when it comes to storing, organizing and washing your masks, so we are here to help with some top tips and easy-to-create options for your own household hygiene. 

First and foremost, having a backup of masks in the car or your purse is always smart. Disposable face masks are a cost-effective way to use a last-minute masks you can toss afterwards without backtracking and losing commute time and gas money.

Organizing Options

When it comes to masks, they are only as effective as they are clean.  So how do you keep your masks from picking up what they are intended to protect you from right after you’ve washed and dried them?  Hang them up!  This wonderful idea of using an adjustable coat rack is a great way to keep distance between masks while also giving everyone a quick option for grabbing their newly-washed face coverings before they head out the door. 

So what about dirty masks? 

So glad you asked!  When folks are coming in from outdoors or a long day at the office and errand-running, consider a drop bin for everyone to place their used masks in. You can either have a drop off location like a laundry bin or even place a mesh lingerie bag on the outside of a bigger laundry basket specifically for masks. 

Ideally, reusable face masks should be washed after each use, according to the CDC guidelines. This can be done in the washing machine using hot water and laundry detergent, and you can either dry in the dryer or hang dry. Our Apele masks can be work up to 25 times between washes, provided you are keeping the protective part away from contaminants. We recommend using the bag our masks ship in as a great way to secure your masks between uses.

If you prefer to wash your face masks by hand, it is recommended you scrub them for at least 20 seconds using hot soapy water and then utilize a hot clothes dryer to dry your masks thoroughly. Again, having them up in a designated area for ease of use and keeping them from contaminated surfaces.

When removing your mask, try to only touch the adjustable ear pieces of the mask when removing it from your face. This helps you avoid bacteria that could be on a dirty mask.

But, wait, there’s more!  You all had plenty to add on Facebook about where you have found storing your masks to be most effective for your family. Here are just some of the many ideas! 

“I put our masks in baggies, individually by the person's name, in a container on the counter.” 

“We have a grab and go clean mask hanging station by the door, and repurposed an old Tide Pods container for the used ones as you come in to be washed.” – Evelyn

Do you have some ideas you’ve implemented? Let’s hear them!  Comment below! 

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