Best Practices for Taking Care of Your Period Panties

how to wash period panties


Who doesn’t love a good pair of period panties? They save the day, keep you protected and odor-free, while also providing extra absorbency and peace of mind. So, how does a woman maintain her period panties, as they are unique from regular panties, and have specific characteristics that need special care, so they can continue to provide special care for their owners.

The first best practice for period panties is to consider buying three at a time. This way, you are wearing your first pair likely up to when your cycle typically starts and still washing them as you would regular underwear at the end of the day. It is not advised to wear the period panties two days in a row as infections can occur. Change them as often as you would your daily panties when between menstrual cycles.

Secondly, after use, ensure you are either hand-washing them gently with mild detergents that are fit for the material they are made with. Cold water is typically best and a gentle approach to rubbing and rinsing the fabric is best.


Should you decide to place them in the wash, consider a gentle cycle and with like materials and colors. When drying them, let them air dry in an area that is not likely to pick up other particles or debris or consider the setting on the dryer that does not require heat for a quick tumble that is room temperature or even cooler.

Much like picking a gentle cycle, make sure that the detergent you are using honors what your body prefers. Vaginal areas can typically be more sensitive to perfumes, dyes and the like. The purpose of a period is to cleanse, so consider keeping any additional work away from your purifying parts and process.

When folding your period panties and packing them away for use, ensure they are completely dry before placing in any enclosed bag. This prevents mold or mildew from forming – the last thing you want near your most sensitive and susceptible areas. Mesh bags may be a good idea here as they allow room for the panties to breathe, while also clearly separating your period panties from your otherwise, daily delicates.

Some of our customers prefer to use mesh bags when washing their period panties for this very reason. They still get clean, but less of a tumble in the process. Plus, they all stay together, making for an easy grab-and-go when commuting elsewhere and needing to have clean period panties on-hand but not in plain sight.

Do you have any special care instructions that you practice to maintain your menses ‘mentionables’ (We are way too confident to call them “unmentionables”)? Sharing is caring! What are your secrets of sanitation and sustainability?

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