Aging Gracefully

"Young people are often accused of believing that the world begins with them. True, but old age believes even more often that the world ends with it. What is worse? ": Christian Friedrich Hebbel.


Getting older has gone from being a privilege to a shameful question we tent to shy away from answering. The new times require some people to hide any sign that shows age, or its tireless progress. It does not matter if your life has been good, full and intense – society in general doesn’t want to read the lines of your eyes to discover the accumulated experience you’ve gained. Camouflage becomes necessary and seemingly essential if you want to be accepted in the current world.


Sadly, many of us have tolerated this expectation of flawless and ageless skin, betraying ourselves and putting physical and emotional health at risk in times.  While there is no shame in enjoying a more youthful look or the excitement of a new colorful palette to play with, the real desire is to let it be just that – play.  As opposed to an obligatory feeling of regimented beauty tasks. 


Aging with dignity has become a rare and desired trait – one that young women would greatly benefit from observing in the generations before them.  Dignity is not something that is bought or sold, making it worth far more in value than that of the jars and bottles of creams and shades.  While media may entice women to discover the secrets of eternal youth, the truth is, and will remain, that aging can be done graciously and gracefully.  The intention behind makeup products and procedures is to enhance the natural features already present.  So, to age, is a natural beautifying appearance that happens on its own.  Using makeup can complement the appearance of each decade while still honoring the process of skin softening and maturing.


Wrinkles remind us where smiles have been

Wrinkles are a sincere and beautiful reflection of the years counted and the smiles offered. In the same way, fulfilling years makes us look back and ask ourselves what we have accomplished and survived during a lifetime. Each crease, scar or furrow of your skin that you have earned save not only a learned lesson but a transcendental moment of your life. Show them as the trophy they are and feel proud of them. Of course, it is worth taking care of your appearance, but it is one thing is to preserve what you are and quite another to want to become someone else.


Each year is a medal, an opportunity to treasure memories, to make your moments, to blow the candles with strength and pride. You want to continue fulfilling dreams, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. And, above all, to be able to celebrate it with life and the people around you – authentically, naturally and with confidence.

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