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Now more than ever, the human population is curious and concerned about the quality of air we breathe and how filter masks work to protect us from harmful elements.  Long before the virus, air pollution alone had given many reasons to consider face masks. As a company that cares a great deal about your skin and overall health, we wanted to share some insight on how you can protect yourself from harmful chemicals both indoors and out. 

First and foremost, we must always remember that our skin is an organ - and our largest organ, at that.  That said, our outer skin is a carrier, not a barrier.  Meaning that what goes on our body actually goes in our body.  It is important to protect yourself from harmful chemicals where you can and trust your face and body to gentle, natural ingredients whenever possible. As we are now facing a time where what we breathe in can also cause damage (even death) we are sharing more info on the risks of air pollution and potential remedies for staying healthy - even after COVID19 passes. 

When it comes to air pollution specifically, the greatest culprits come from a variety of chemicals. From vehicle exhaust particles to the burning of coal and wood, ‘round-the-clock industrial processes and lead, carbon monoxide and smog within our ozone, there are myriad ways you are being involuntarily poisoned. 

We want to be as mindful as possible about what we put in and on our bodies. So, aside from our focus on panties that protect from and prevent leaks, we also want to share how face masks are highly effective at keeping you protected as well. You know us - we are in the business of protection and prevention! 

Who should wear a face mask?

The World Health Organization estimates that 4.2 million people die every year from exposure to air pollution. Sadly, while the coronavirus tends to affect the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, pollution doesn’t discriminate. No matter the age or health of an individual, poor air quality affects the lungs of everyone, all ages, all stages.  

Because of this, many companies, including yours truly, have started making air filtration masks engineered specifically for both fashion and function. This makes it easier to encourage children to wear them as well so their developing lungs stay optima;.  From brightly-colored and tight-fitting designs to comfortable straps and conservative colors, you can find many options available that fit your level of comfort and style, while also keeping you safe. 


This is a breathable, washable, high-performance mask with anti-bacterial protection. It provides high-level respiratory protection that is comfortable and molds to your face on first use. The nano protection fabric is unique in that it inhibits and suppresses particles that land on the mask. The fabric sterilizes immediately and has a nano-silver catalyst which makes it a perfect “protective” shield. This product has been FDA approved as safe for its disinfectant properties. This will serve as reliable, personal protection as you venture outside of your homes to avoid cross-infection.


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We personally wanted to create something from the trusted fabrics you already know work when it comes to comfort and confidence - our Apele performance layers of fabric!  Plus, the added coverage and protection that you desire when going out for everyday to run marathons or run errands!  

What mask has Apele created? 

We have partnered with a nano-tech company to bring you a mask that is certainly of high quality. On May 20th, the results will come out with exact particle size and percentage for many more viruses. While we won’t replace N95 masks, we believe the biggest difference with our mask design and functionality compared to the N95 is that our mask will REDUCE bacteria and virus particles. N95 blocks particles out. N95 is a surgical mask and is made of two layers of very thin fibers. 

The real contamination happens when you take off of the masks you choose to wear. On the surface, lots of particles stick to it so if you take it off whimsically, you actually contaminate yourself. Our mask functionality will decompose the bacteria and virus cells that land on the surface, keeping it fresh, clean and minimize transference possibility, if you aren’t as vigilant about taking off the mask. 

We will have results May 21st showing the efficacy of the product and the results..so will share with you all. 


Is the Apele mask good for protection against pollution?

Absolutely!  In fact, the mask was made specifically for effective protection from toxic air pollution when used according to instructions. While the mask is not a medical device and has not been medically proven to prevent disease, it certainly can reduce the large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatters that may contain germs like viruses and prevent them from reaching your mouth and nose. 

Because you’ll still want to enjoy your everyday activities, our masks are suitable for running, cycling, hiking, skiing, crafts, gardening and other outdoor activities, such as travelling, and public places. Pollution shouldn’t stop you from living your life.  But, we do want to stop it from affecting your quality of life! 

Where can I buy masks and filters?

Our website will have Apele masks available for purchase in the next two weeks. They can filter particulate matter, gases, odours, dust, pollen, smog, germs, bacteria and viruses etc. and are also anti-odor, anti-dust, anti-gas, anti-bacterial. They filter out pollutants from allergies, smoke, pollution, ash and pollen. We will have different sizes available and start off with dark grey masks that match all attire. 

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From products to pollution, there is plenty you can do to protect yourself. At Apele, we are here to help you in your efforts of keeping your family confident and comfortable as usual! Thank you for your support. Got questions?  Send them our way and we will be sure to answer them in the coming weeks leading up to our mask availability. 

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