Apele Masks have FDA-Approved Fabrics that Protect and Prevent!


Our world has changed with COVID-19 and we felt the need to create a solution which can prevent, protect and perform. Our newly designed masks help to deter the spread of viruses and bacteria. We are based in Massachusetts, one of the last states to open, as such we take prevention seriously and believe it is our civic duty to care for our neighbor.


Wearing a mask is one of the easiest things we can do to flatten the curve and to prevent the rapid spread of the unknown. Our masks can be worn all day as it is lightweight, breathable and reusable. We wanted to create something that is eco-friendly, socially responsible and highly functional. We hope you can appreciate our intentions and efforts.


APELE MASK -- EFFECTIVENESS + Fabric Masks Fabric Masks With Filters Apele Mask APELE MASK N95 Prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading Lightweight, good for multiple uses Washable: eco-friendly SMALL - CHILDREN 10 AND UNDER 4.75 x 7.1 inch MEDIUM 6.3 x 8.7 inch LARGE 6.7 x 9.4 inch HUNTER GREEN 3 SIZES AVAILABLE: 3 COLORS AVAILABLE: NAVY BLUE BLACK We can monogram your logos onto the masks as well.

WHY APELE MASKS MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Anti-virus and Anti-bacteria. Made with new nano composite TTA technology - serves as a high performance protective shield Washable and Reusable Comfortable, breathable and lightweight which molds comfortably to your face Nasal Airtight Strip 3D design for extra breathing space Ear loops with silicone collar for adjustability FEATURES NASAL AIRTIGHT STRIP SILICONE COLLAR Enhanced Filtering Protection Fast Adjustable Elasticity 3D DESIGN Extra Breathing Space TECHNOLOGY WHAT IS TTA? Made with nano protection fabric which inhibits and suppresses particles that land on the mask. Fabric self- sterilizes with the nano silver particles that land on the mask.


Material has been FDA approved in 2017 and has been recognized in multiple countries for award wining, international certifications of being anti-viral and anti-bacteria. This is not a substitute for the N95 masks or any medical mask. TTA is nano compound material which forms a high performance protective shield.

Activates to form highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppresses the grow of viruses, bacteria and harmful gases. Semi-conductor nano materials allow active functions to prevent weakening over time. Invisible Nano Shield. TTA nano-compound material TTA nano-compound material forms a high-performance shield around materials. Activate to form highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppress the growth of viruses, bacteria, and harmful gas. Semi-conductor nano materials allow active functions to prevent weakening over time. Invisible Nano Shield. x x x


OUTER LAYER: 100% Polyester Water resistant at surface to avoid infected droplets Light weight and breathable.

MIDDLE LAYER: 100% Cotton TTA-new nano composite tech material which inhibits growth of bacteria and viruses.

INNER LAYER: 100% Interlocking Polypropylene Anti-stain Anti-odor Quick dry, non stuffy Eco friendly fabric yarn

MASK LAYERS SCIENCE TTA MATERIAL TESTING RESULTS: CERTIFICATIONS: FIRDI/ SCG/ HK/ EUROPEAN Anti Bacteria Staphyococcus Aureus ATCC 6538 Anti Bacteria Escherichia Coli ATCC Strain 8739 Anti Bacteria Pseudomonas Aeruglnosa Anti Bacteria Salmonella Enterica Anti Bacteria Candida Albicans Anti Bacteria Legionella Pneumophila. FDA/ MIX OF INSTITUTIONS/ COUNTRIES Anti Virus: Enterovirus Anti Virus: Influenza A (h1N1) Respiratory Synctial Virus Mycobacterium TB Enterovirus LLC-MK2 RESULT 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 90% 80.80% 99%

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