Advice to get you from Meh To Motivated

Here at Apele, we are just like any other group of hard-working, talented, super women. We get tired. We get bad news. We are expected to cave but we push through.  Mostly because we are not just capable but considerate to the needs of our fellow female when she is in a valley for a season.  


That said, we have grown immensely with one another these past few years in business.  And it isn’t just us.  Our customers have shared incredibly troublesome, yet triumphant stories of how they have gone from pelvic health crises to calm and how they haven’t let diagnoses drown their dreams!


Everything from PCOS to post-partum hemorrhaging and first periods to post-menopause, we’ve heard - and handled - it all.  Some of the greatest advice has come from fellow women across the globe on our various social channels.  Here they are, in hopes that they can inspire you to get back on track, when you’re darn good and ready!



When you'r feeling fatigued, nothing can seem aligned!  The good news is tat our body can REST and RESTORE.  Get a nap. Get good sleep. Tired can be fixed and with it, fixes a host of other areas n your life effortlessly and naturally. 


Remembering that your circumstances do not define your state of being.  Certainly times can get rough BUT it doesn't have any say over your mental state. Count your blessings and the many things you have that do bring you happiness. It can always be worse and there are always reasons to be happy.  What's more, being happy attracts happy counterparts and more good things will come your way. Act the part. 


We know that when the going gets tough, even the tough find it hard to get going. But, the truth of the matter is that with growing pains also comes growth.  With challenges comes strength and testimonies or stories of victory - all of which makes for an interesting and inspiring life.  Find places to share your hardships as you will likely find they are easier to overcome and also help others who are now where you have once been and evolved from. 



If you give something 100%, then it is 100% no matter what.  At the end of the day, someone else's expectations or understandings may be off but your expertise, talent and ethic is all that matters.  You answer to you and you alone so ensure that you are giving it your all and you can walk away wth your head held high knowing you gave it 100%. 

A common phrase related to work, but why stop there?  This can also pertain to everything from household chores and making delicious dinners of your choice (or splitting it with your partner to do) to wearing outfits that represent you best.  Life shouldn't be hard. It should be an exciting adventure! Do what sparks joy and focus on weeding out or outsourcing anything that doesn't. 


Got some go-to moto memes?  Send them our way! 



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