7 Ways in 7 Days To Boost Your Self Esteem

Alright, ladies!  We have heard it before.  “Self-esteem is just that … self esteem”.  It is what we believe to be true about ourselves.  Granted, we might live in a world where we are constantly challenged by what others say about us, think about us and now even post about us, but in the end, we all know, we are truly the only ones responsible for building – and maintaining – a healthy sense of self.


That said, we want to provide 7 ways that you can practice some self-esteem boosting techniques this next week. Then, maybe revisit 7 days from today to see where your self-esteem is at.   You are worth the commitment.  Make this week about YOU and make no excuses! 

Revisit your Faith.  No matter your spiritual background, consider what you believe and focus on any truths surrounding value, worth and promises your faith delivers.  Getting right with the big picture helps you transcend the silly stuff that derails your self-esteem sometimes. Make sure you are putting your spirituality first.

Head-to-toe pamper sesh.   This does NOT have to be expensive.  Take the time to do an at-home hair mask with on-hand ingredients.  Consider a quick DIY face scrub that leaves your skin feeling smooth.  Use a sugar scrub on your lips to soften them. Take the time to shave and lotion your full body after a long shower. Take a pumice stone after each shower or bath to your feet and apply lotion with socks to get extra moisture saturated overnight. 

Help someone less fortunate.  We get it.  This might seem like it may be exhausting and asking a lot of someone who is already fighting feelings of inadequacy.  But, strangely enough helping someone else gets us outside of our own issues and incessant mind chatter, while also helping us help someone else. In turn, and ironically, the giver of time and talents almost always feels that they get more out of it than even the person(s) they help.

Set a “next-step” goal.  We all have goals, but some of them take more than a week to accomplish.  That said, what is the NEXT STEP you can take to get closer to that goal you have?  Make sure that this week, no matter what it looks like, you commit to taking the next step. However slight.  For instance, if you desire to pursue a new career, don’t just aimlessly do seemingly related things like scrolling through a newsfeed and considering it research.  Actively take a step towards that career by narrowing down to 2-3 schools or degree programs.  If you are considering a new hobby, locate options offering such near you and sign up for a class.


Find a savory substitute.  All too often, we beat ourselves up for our habits. Particularly what we eat or drink.  Rather than giving yourself a hard time, give yourself a solution.  Don’t try to change everything at once. Instead, take the time this week to look up a healthier alternative to something you often crave yet criticize yourself for indulging in.  Swap chocolate for an avocado pudding with real cacao recipe. (It really does taste the same!).  Swap an alcoholic beverage for a similar yet sober option that tastes just as sweet.  If you’re splurging a ton on a fast-food option, find a way to make it at-home.


Make a plan for prosperity.  A lot of times our self-esteem is tested by our beliefs around where we work and whether we are valued there.  This can be extremely difficult also if we o not feel valued or compensated equivalent to our value. Make sure you truly consider what your time is worth and consider whether you are meeting that or exceeding that.  Both underperforming and overachieving can cause strife and inner turmoil.  To be at peace with yourself and your “salary”, either commit to make more of an effort or express a desire for more pay to equate to what you’re already providing.


Digital Detox.  While we love that we have connected with you here on the interwebs, we would totally approve of and even encourage some time off the net. Get away from your electronics for at least a day!  And commit to keeping your phone, computer and other blue-light emitting gadgets as you sleep and a few hours prior to bedtime.  This will help your circadian rhythm get back on track, your sleep patterns get balanced and ultimately, positively affect your feelings about self.


We look forward to hearing all about your 7day journey to heightened self-esteem and , as always, welcome any feedback you have in addition to the above-mentioned suggestions!  You owe this to your “self”! Enjoy!





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