7 Steps to Showering During Your Period

It’s that time of the month again. And on top of the daily grind and grime, we also have to mindfully wash our super-sensitive and (sometimes) messy bodies with even more care and consideration. Here are some helpful tips to consider pre and post-shower during your cycle – in hopes of getting and staying squeaky clean.

Step 1: Consider removing the current product you are using. Of course, if it is your period panties and a pad or tampon, dispose of them with a solid wrap of toilet tissue and place your panties to the side for washing. If there has been any extra bleeding that your Apele period panties have (thankfully) absorbed, consider bringing them in the shower with you for a brief rinse.

Before getting in the shower, ensure you have a new set of panties affixed with a pad or prepped with a tampon available for reintroduction. If removing a menstrual cup, this can be done in the shower, with the cup being placed on a special area you regularly disinfect. Removing a tampon may be done over the commode or in the shower, as you deem fit and most comfortable. Have a ziplock bag or toilet paper handy to wrap this in to dispose of without any “debris” trailing between you and the garbage. Also, have a paper towel or even a pack of baby wipes handy (we share why in future steps).

2) Set a nice temperature that is not too hot but certainly warm enough to allow for the heat and possible steam to assist in easing cramping and clearing away dirt and “fragments of femininity” with little effort or excessive scrubbing. After all, you deserve a mini-spa setting every day, let alone during this typical 5-7 day period.

3) Rinse well first. Give the body a gentle rinse down to not only assist with the above-mentioned reasons, but also because the first round of water alone may remove quite a bit of debris along your vaginal area and inner thigh. Do not be alarmed by the seemingly surplus of blood, as the water typically makes it appear as more than is actually present.

4) Soap and Suds. When washing, you want to be mindful of the chemicals that you are placing on your body and especially in this respective area. Your pH balance is important to maintain, therefore finding a period-positive, pH-friendly washing agent may be best. Otherwise, a light wipe in the area without letting soap enter into the vaginal area or inner labia is ideal. Consider asking your OBGYN what they recommend.

5) Use a separate washcloth or loofah sponge for these areas and ensure that you can easily identify them and wash them after use. In addition, be gentle when using such surfaces on your own sensitive surfaces.

6) Remember those handy baby wipes you have sitting atop the toilet commode cover? Upon completion of your shower, take either the baby wipes or paper towels and gently wipe your vaginal area gently to catch any new blood prior to placing your new product and period panties on. Then, drying the rest of your body will come easy, without the worry of ruining your drying towel.

7) Once dried, consider washing your hands once more and giving your shower a courtesy rinse before you begin getting your clothes on. Now you should be all set and whether sleeping or starting the day, you’re both clean and clear of any untidiness down under.

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