The summer months are almost behind us which means another school year is about to begin.

For many this signifies a new beginning, especially if you’re a teen girl about to take on another year of high school. Here are 7 essential back to school items that every teen girl should add to their shopping list.

1- Locker Mirror

Sometimes your front-facing camera or reflective phone case don’t offer you the best view. Plus, the breaks in between class periods just aren’t long enough to run to the bathroom to freshen up. That’s when a locker mirror can come in handy. Stick it right on the inner part of your locker door to swing it open for easy access. Need to touch up your makeup or make sure that salad you ate for lunch didn’t end up stuck in your teeth? Now you can make sure you look presentable at all times because chances are you’re at your locker just as often as you’re in class.

2- Daily Planner

Life can be hectic - juggling homework, tests, extracurricular activities, studying, and even hanging out with friends. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed without the proper support. A daily planner can be a great way to stay organized and keep your life in order. Use a planner to jot down important dates and deadlines, plan for structured study time, and set reminders for outings with friends. So many planners incorporate vivid colors and visually aesthetic designs to make organization simple and fun. You won’t want to leave the house without your trusty planner.

3- Phone Wallet

You probably never go anywhere without your phone. But how many times have you forgotten your student ID card at home ? Never be unprepared again! A phone wallet is as easy to use as sticking it to the back of your phone. They also come in a variety of cute and stylish designs to complement your phone case. Slide your library card, student ID, and debit card into this convenient accessory and ditch that clunky wallet.


4- Gym Clothes

It’s always best to approach life prepared for anything. If you happen to wear white one day, anxiety is at an all time high as most of us know from experience. Or maybe you and a friend decide last minute to try out a new pilates or dance class after school. Keeping a spare set of shorts, a tank top, and a sports bra inside your locker is a smart option. You never know when you may need them.

5- Hair Ties

Long hair. Don’t care… but it sure gets everywhere! Hair ties either break or get misplaced. It seems every time you need one, you can never find one. Stock up on high quality hair ties so this never poses a problem again. You can either keep them inside your backpack, gym locker or main locker. As a matter of fact, it’s probably best to leave a couple of hair ties in each spot and maybe a few on your wrist for both fashion and function in a flash!


6- Feminine Hygiene Products & Period Panties

Just like an unexpected pop quiz, sometimes your monthly friend doesn’t abide by a timeframe and chooses to show up unannounced. Rather than rushing to the school health center or fumbling to find quarters for the bathroom dispenser, take the stress off of your shoulders and keep a supply in your locker.  Our Apele panties are the perfect everyday solution for those looking to have confidence that is quiet! With deals happening regularly, you can get a pack of 3 right now for less and be covered for ANY MISHAP!

7 - A note from home.

Simply put, an occasional note from home just sharing some encouragement or confidence can make its way into her books or onto her locker for that pep talk she needs between bells. 

A teenage girl often needs more than the standard school supply list calls for. Ensure your transition to the new school year is seamless by stocking up on these essential back-to-school items.

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