5 Tips to a Healthy Hoohah

Can you believe we have to title this blog post so that it doesn’t use such an offensive term like “vagina”?  Sadly, this may be the very reason that women struggle so much with vaginal health and maintenance. We are censored in so many areas (it’s only deemed inappropriate sexually when it is in conversation, but not when it is explicitly intended for sex, like in movies, - ahem... Basic Instinct - it’s fair game for ads and click bait)

Nonetheless, we digress. If there is anything this has taught us, it is that more info needs to be shared about what remains when the clothes are shed. Vulvar and vaginal health should be embraced, not embarrassing. And we are all for Sharon Stone feeling confident in that famous scene, but you don’t have to have her celebrity status to be as confident as she is when it comes to the look and overall wellness of your “opening act”.

Here are 5 tips to a healthy vagina.

  1.  Holistic health affects vaginal health.  When you look at your body as a whole, there are plenty of areas you can tighten up your regimen and hone in on habits that can affect your pelvic area. Think proper diet (which can help with odor control), exercise (which can help balance hormones) and safe sexual practices which can help everything from STD deterrence to infections. 
  2. Gab with your Gynecologist.  You know, your OBGYN didn’t fall into their practice. They studied human anatomy so that they could be asked (and answer) the toughest questions about the most sensitive of subjects (socially, anyway). To them, it is daily dialogue and nothing you ask is too weird or unheard of. Just ask!


3. Let it be. For the most part, the vagina needs very little help.  In fact, it prefers less attention in the form of products and chemicals and more so a solid and regulated cycle. It self-cleans and even makes its own discharge to help eliminate toxins and bacteria. Let it do its thing and resist using things like douches, wipes and other chemically-laden products that otherwise disrupt its natural cleaning abilities. Shower time? Water is fine.  Just rinse thoroughly.  

4. Loosen up when it comes to tight clothing. The look and feel of ultra-tight shirts and tops may be appealing but this trend does come with its downsides which are important to consider before you drop cash on that outfit you’ve had your eye on. Read more at our blog Why too tight is not Good

5. Lastly,consider opting for something other than cotton.  Sure, cotton is breathable, but once its wet, it stays wet, breeding bacteria and more.  Opt for solutions that are quick-drying and also comparably breathable. For instance, our performance poly is less than one ounce making it as breathable as cotton without the wetness. 

We believe self education and knowledge is critical as we evolve. We hope to bring you a sense of empowerment with our undies as it will allow young girls and women, alike to break through barriers. 

So, even if our anatomical terms are blocked, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t break through the barriers and get these feminine facts out in the open!  What tips do you find to be the most imperative when it comes to restoring and maintaining vaginal health? Don’t be shy! Women need your input! 

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