5 Natural Ways to Fight off Fatigue During Your Period


Most of the time fatigue can be traced to one or more of your habits or routines, particularly lack of exercise.  While it can be connected to depression or other medical causes, it is rare.   Feeling a little “less” lately?  Try some of our tried and tested suggestions to see if your natural energy doesn’t rear its head again soon after.


Snack Often.  We aren’t talking junk foods either.  Avoid big meals three times a day that tend to sit heavy on your stomach.  If your body is working overtime to digest a ton of food, you can bet that the rest of your system isn’t feeling optimal.  Instead,  break up your food intake to portion-sized plates every few hours.  This is a great way to get in those recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits without having to devote an entire meal what looks like a vegan buffet.  


Get Up and Out.  Naturally, feeling fatigued, the last thing you want to do is move.  But that is just the antidote for the sluggish feeling.  Get up and get going.  Get outside if the weather permits and take a walk.  Feel that fatigue mid-day at work?  Bring sneakers to swap out at during your lunch break.  Work from home?  Schedule time for YOU in your planner to leave your workspace and chair. Whether it is a walk to the park and back or just even a 20-min workout sesh from your latest phone app.


Sleep well when you do sleep.  As tempting as it can be to nap when you’re feeling fatigued, try to push through and save that for a solid sleep cycle!  Sleeping well helps immensely with daily drudge.  What keeps you up at night? Try white noise, new sheets, warmer or cooler clothing, humidifier, and any other options that might counter the reasons you get up so often during your slumber.


Ditch Stress.   Alright, alright. We know it isn’t easy to ditch something that just invites itself unannounced anyway. However, with stress sneaking in on its own, you can definitely see the importance of cleaning out the stresses you can control.  Consider a new routine. Consider new friends. Really take an inventory of your daily and weekly regimens and if there is a constant that simply drains your energy, discard it or find a new pattern to see if it provides resolve!


Curb the Caffeine.   Shocking, right?  I mean, it is your lifeline and the topic of every other Instagram post in your feed. Still, while caffeine helps temporarily increase alertness and reduce fatigue by blocking receptors for adenosine, a neurotransmitter that can make you feel drowsy, consumption of caffeine can lead to excessive intake of and dependence on caffeine and make withdrawal symptoms much worse. It’s a downward spiral that counter-intuitively leads to more fatigue. Then, more coffee. Then, more fatigue… You see our point?


These are just a few easy-to-implement ways to hopefully gain back some natural energy without feeling the full-on fatigue you’ve maybe been dealing with for awhile.  Of course, if it persists, consider speaking with your medical professional about other options. If these above listed suggestions have helped, or you know a few of your own that you recommend, we’d be happy to publish them!  Feel free to comment with your own fatigue-busting tips!


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