Are you supposed to exercise when you are on your period?


Ugh, the pain! The agony! How periods can cramp our style and comfort.  But no worries, because we here at Apele are sharing some of the most effective exercises that can assist with the spasms that often accompany your time-of-the-month. Because no time is a good time for pain and discomfort!

It should go without saying, but ensure that you are only performing these exercises if you feel they bring you ease and comfort and are not prohibited from any physical activity  regimen your health professionals may have you abiding by.


Exercise 1: Walk it out.

Cardiovascular exercise is good for increasing blood flow throughout your body and moving it away from where you're feeling discomfort or pain, says Mary Rosser, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Montefiore Medical Center in Larchmont, NY. So get up and get walking.


Exercise 2: Stretching.

Consider how helpful stretching can be when your muscles are shortening and cramping.  By drinking water, taking big deep breaths and stretching slowly for durations of time between 20-30 seconds, you are really helping your body during a time that extra strain can prompt added pain.


Exercise 3:  Get wet.

Swimming is incredibly helpful as it is not only a full-body workout – where cardiovascular movement helps curb appetite and keep you from grabbing foods that otherwise do you no justice – but also, is easy on the joints of the body.  The movement of your body helps everything inside move properly.  With your system in full movement, internal organs are getting the energy they need to act in ways that support you. From helping ease cramps to providing chemicals that help you combat aches and soreness.


Exercise 4: Sexercise?

If it is within your personal practice intimacy and sexual relations can assist with releasing endorphins – which are natural, mood-boosting, painkillers that accompany orgasms.  These helpful releases may increase the blood flow to the area, so many consider adding a towel beneath them during such activity. Either way, an extra towel in the wash cycle is worth the pleasure and the assist in reducing irritability and even mild depression.

Exercise 5: Freestyle Fun.

Pick a hobby, any hobby.  What is something that you enjoy doing for fun that requires minimal movement but nothing outrageously tasking on your body? Do you like bowling? Dancing? Perhaps visiting a swing set at a local park? These fun and freeing movements not only help the body get up and going, but they let your mind distance itself from the possible pain that is happening two feet below.

Movement is typically safe and helpful during your cycle and can assist greatly in making this 5-7 days enjoyable.  Have some favorite ways of getting up and moving on your menses? We’d love to hear what you have found to be helpful for you.

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