4 Ways to Get Moving During Your Period

Studies have a lot to say when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, especially during that time of the month. There are many varying articles and guidance to consider regarding workouts during menstruation. While some professionals and bloggers alike have shared its helpful impact, others argue that it may cause more harm than good, citing that it may be easier to injure oneself during such time frame. The truth is, there’s only one real rule for exercising during your period: honor what your body tells you. Be conservative and mindful during movement and take note as to what truly is helping you – or hurting you.

Our body experiences cramps as a way of our body relaying information to us. Letting you know that your body is in need of rest, hydration and calming movement. Taking time off, and respect your body’s request to take it easy for a day or two. All the same, balance is ideal, because relinquishing movement in its entirety for the duration of your cycle may leave you couch-ridden and inactive for nearly half the month when you factor in the onset of PMS up until your last day of menstruation. At this rate, you are going from a conservative two days without movement to roughly two weeks every month without exercise -- and that's too long of a hiatus. So, while listening to your body, of course, consider these four exercises that might be perfect for you during your period.


No matter how conservative some might be about cardio, nearly all of us – professionals alike – can agree that, at a minimum, walking allows you to move with hardy any risk of injury or danger. So, lace up them sneakers and hit the pavement during your period. Walking may not burn many calories, but it’s sure to cool your cramping when performed gently and while hydrated.


As you’re walking at a pace comfortable for you, and feel your body nudging you to pick up the pace, give it an honest and modest shot. Your body will release more endorphins and contribute to you feeling good emotionally, as well as, physically! Ensure you stay hydrated before, after and during your run, as some researchers believe you dehydrate more easily on your period.


Sometimes, when you're on your period, you have super woman strength and feel like moving your body in ways that would be worthy of Olympic medals when compared to your normal routines. Aerobic exercise is a great way to loosen up, have fun and get moving in ways that inspire to perspire! Consider finding an aerobics class near you where you are surrounded by like-minded women enjoying themselves and having fun!


Cue the music! From walking-turned-prancing to aerobics-turned-dancing! Participating in some cramp-busting choreography may be just what your body craves! Shaking it up may not feel like exercise but benefits you all the same! When you're on your period, you might need a little motivation to get moving. Stepping out into an evening of dancing and fun will certainly give you a reason to dress to impress and show off a time of the month where in your prime as a woman.

When you are on your cycle, it is imperative that you listen to your body and heed what it directs you to do – or not do! Consider your cycle as a means to be tune in more to your physical needs and spend some time with your body, moving it or resting it, as it experiences this transitional phase that is nothing shy of miraculous.

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