4 Syndromes and Symptoms that Can Result in Irregular Bleeding


The last two days, our Apele blog team members have researched and recorded 10 different causes for irregular bleeding and spotting that range from both benign to more serious regarding pelvic health.  As we continued to research the topics, we found even more common causes for sporadic leaks and naturally, wanted to share them here, as we continue to educate ourselves and our audience about the many ways Apele everyday undies can help with confidence and comfort in spite of these menstrual mishaps. Here are 5 more syndromes that can result in irregular or untimely bleeding:


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) happens when a woman’s ovaries or adrenal glands produce too many “male” hormones, which tends to lead to irregular bleeding outside of the normal period cycle.  In addition to irregular bleeding, some women with PCOS report not having their cycles at all or having few menstrual cycles.  This can be coupled with pelvic pain, infertility and even acne. More on this in our recent blog, “PCOS and Irregular Bleeding”.


Stress.  We would be remiss if we didn’t address stress as a clear catalyst in period regularity and interruptions. Stress can affect our body in many ways – including eustress or “positive stress” like promotions, weddings, etc.  Since stress affects our hormones, it is not uncommon for women to experience vaginal spotting due to high levels of physical or emotional stress at the onset of these experiences or events.  All too often, stress isn’t typically something that comes with a warning sign. In fact, many of us are stressed because of the disruptive nature of events we weren’t otherwise prepared for.  Fortunately, Apele everyday panties are always there and are ready to absorb mishaps the moment they happen. Namely stress incontinence or spotting that occurs when stressed.

Medications. Of course, we’ve discussed birth control pills and other contraceptives that are directly related to pelvic health and consequently affect vaginal secretions, bleeding and more.  But even everyday prescriptions and OTC medicines,  such as blood thinners, thyroid medications, and hormonal drugs, can cause vaginal bleeding between your periods.  For this reason, having everyday panties that are prepared to protect you in the event of irregular spotting or untimely periods is ideal!  If it becomes a nuisance, your doctor may be able to recommend another option that helps you with such.

Medical conditions.  From endometrial or uterine cancer to cervical cancer, ovarian cancer to vaginal cancer, there are many different diagnoses that directly affect the pelvic area and result often in abnormal bleeding, spotting, or other forms of vaginal discharge.  Granted, spotting or abnormal bleeding doesn’t mean that cancer is prevalent. However, it is always important to monitor these symptoms and report such to your healthcare professional for further monitoring and treatment. While cancers in the pelvic region would likely be easily connected to bleeding concerns, additional conditions like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and other bleeding disorders, have also been connected to issues of spotting between menstrual cycles or found in women who do not have cycles at all.

Having Apele everyday undies allows women to feel confident no matter their daily dealings or diagnoses that affect their pelvic health and mishaps.  Here’s to confidence being quiet and convenient! Browse everyday undie options today for you or loved ones!

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