11 Ways to Increase Chances of Conceiving a Baby


Your closest girlfriend just had a baby and you can’t help but get a warm feeling in your heart when you see her.  You cry at the diaper commercials showing little babies falling on their bottoms. Your favorite rom-com ends with a wedding and an addition to the newlywed family. You’ve got it bad. Baby fever, that is! You’re waiting for your moment to pick from the many Pinterest Baby Announcements you’ve been ogling at for some time, yet you still haven’t conceived. What’s the deal?

While there could be many different issues at play (fertility, stress, cycles, you name it) there are some things you can do to possibly assist with your hopes to make a baby! Give these 9 highly recommended options a go!

Are you running hot? Keep track of your basal body temperature (BBT) to assess if you're ovulating. When at rest, your lowest body temp measured. A basal thermometer can be picked up at a local drugstore or grocery store! This can tell you when you’re most likely ovulating and that is the best time to …ahem… get it on!

Consult with a specialist. Is there a history of infertility or other pelvic health issues within your family? Consider discussing this with a specialist who can help you identify how this may affect your chances for pregnancy, as well as, offer solutions or best practices around them.

Cope with Chaos.  Bust stress. Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to get pregnant, as stress can be counter-productive to your desires! Add in some prayer, meditation, quiet time or relaxation techniques.

How’s your discharge…discharging? Keep an eye out each time you use the restroom for your vaginal discharge. It can give you knowledge around your cervical mucus. These natural secretions are prominent right after your period ends when your discharge looks similar to that of egg whites. It stretches and is transparent in color. The thicker it is, the higher the likelihood you will are ovulating. A great way to monitor and measure this is with panties with a built-in pantyliner.

Kick the caffeine. We know, we know. “But first coffee…” Except, putting caffeine first might be taking the place of baby making priorities. Do what you can to reduce or replace caffeinated beverages.  Opt for decaf and wean yourself from sodas to flavored water.  Ensuring, of course, that nothing replaces those eight,    8–ounce glasses of hydration!

Less weight later turns to Baby Weight!  While it isn’t unheard of for women who are overweight to conceive, some studies have shown that when you lose weight, your body operates more efficiently and this can help your pelvic organs focus on what they’re good at – housing and making babies!

Pop them prenatals!  Get some test run to determine what vitamins you may be in need of. Ask your ob-gyn which over-the-counter prenatal vitamin you need or if you should take a prescription prenatal vitamin. If you have had issues with prenatals before, there are other ways to get those vitamins including meal plans with whole foods.  Prep your body with the ideal nutrients!

Romantic Romps! I mean, the ratio is greater and mathematically in your favor. The more you have sex, the higher the chances of you getting pregnant!  Just remember to enjoy it for what it is and not place a ton of pressure around it being for solely conception. If you’re making a day of internal ejaculation, you may find that our absorbent panties will help with the excess that flows the moments post-pleasure.

Sober up. While drinking alcohol and smoking things like tobacco and marijuana have been sworn by some women to be a non-issue, they cannot speak for everyone.  In addition, there are many studies that suggest that they lower fertility and essentially add more stress to the body, hence, making conception difficult. 

There’s an app for that… Want ovulation to be a bit more obvious? Consider an app that helps you determine patterns within your period cycle that help you identify when you're most fertile.

Toss the tablets (if possible). You don’t gotta go cold turkey, but do talk to your doctor about ay medications that may have contraindications for those trying to get pregnant. Ask for alternatives that are safe for pregnancy.


As an all-women run company, we have used Apele panties for these very reasons and wish you all the best success when trying to conceive! Good luck and baby blessings to you!

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