Hey, ladies!  Grab your planners and your pen, because this time, you aren’t penciling yourself in (we know that eraser is all too tempting when other “priorities” come along).  This go round, you’re gonna place your passions as your priority in pen. No erasing. No crossing out.


Block off ten consecutive days to focus on you even if just a few hours per day) and give these 10 tasks a try!  See what it does for your health and happiness.


Take a nap.  Like a legit nap.  Naked or in silky pajamas.  With the fan on or off. Blackout curtains or an eye mask.  Take a real nap for at least two hours.

Jot… a lot.  Start a quick, anonymous blog page and let it rip! No Holds Barred.  Write whatever you want and feel.  Share what’s on your heart.  Start with some deep or fun questions like creating a bucket list or jotting down all the random things that bring you JOY. Perhaps the sound of rain, or horses trotting on pavement.  Let you creativity fly!

DIY Makeover.  Watch YouTube tutorials or similar on new ways to style your hair or prep your makeup.  Practice a few times til you get it down.  Share your new look with the world when you treat yourself later that evening to an event of your choice.

Escape with Epsom.  Draw a bath and add in some soaking bath salts to relieve tired and sore muscles.  Add specific essential oils that are relevant to your current woes.

Cozy up with Coffee and Climax.  Climax as in the peak moment in a thrilling book, of course. Head to your local coffee shop and snuggle up with some cocoa and some characters.

WiFi-free Walking.   Hit the pavement without the electronics.  No phone. No music.  Just you and the sound of your feet hitting the ground running or walking.  Let nature be your soundtrack.


Get polished.  Your resume is already polished.  It’s time to look at the hands responsible for your work ethic! Give your nails some love with an at-home soak, manicure and polish.  Pick a nice color you’ve been eyeing and actually take the time to let it fully dry! No rushing to get back to laundry or work!


Gift yourself a memory.  Check out sweet deals on photo gifts you’ve been eyeing and make yourself one.  Maybe a mug or a mouse pad. No matter the novelty item, take your shots to Shutterfly or similar and order some sentimental gift To: You, From: You.


Add some spice to your wardrobe.  Set your heart on a new accessory you really wish to add to your current look(s).  Go shop-hopping until you find a really great deal and design.  Be it a scarf or necklace, purse or perfume. 


Give your body what it “kneads”.  From Swedish massage to kneading out knots via deep tissue, getting professional body work is surely worth the price.  In fact, this time around, consider paying just a tad more to have it done in-home.  Mobile massage makes it easier for you to stay uber comfortable, dodge traffic there and back and stay in your own space of tranquility (which is especially good when a massage helps you feel tranquilized.)


Fit as many of these in as you can in a ten-day period and watch the stress melt and your mood lighten. Got any suggestions on how to save on the above delights?  Feel free to share! After all, taking care of ourselves isn’t a luxury.  It’s a responsibility!





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